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G4-Q3- English Quiz on General and Specific Statements

Quiz by Raquel Lawas

Grade 4
Philippines Curriculum: Grades 1-10

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following is a general statement?

    She buys flowers from the online seller almost every week.

    She also collects varieties of orchids.

    She planted different colors of roses in her garden.

    She loves flowers.

  • Q2

    Which one is NOT a specific statement?

    The children bought school supplies.

    Peter bought a box of crayons.

    Edna bought a ruler.

    Henry bought a pad of paper.

  • Q3

    Mr. Reyes shopped at the mall.

    Which specific statement below does not support the given general statement?

    He drank coffee at the coffee shop near his house.

    He bought a pair of shoes.

    He bought a black cap.

    He bought a leather jacket.

  • Q4

    What could be the specific statement for this general statement?

    We visit our grandparents regularly.

    We visited our relatives before the pandemic period.

    We visit our farm every week.

    My mother and my sister visit our garden every morning.

    Together with our parents, me and my siblings visit grandmother and grandfather every Sunday.

  • Q5

    Identify the general statement in the paragraph.

                (1) Darah follows a routine every morning during school days. (2) First, she takes a bath and wears clean clothes. (3) Next, she eats her breakfast and brush her teeth. (4) Then, she checks her school bag to make sure that she has everything she need for her classes.

    Sentence 4

    Sentence 2

    Sentence 1

    Sentence 3

  • Q6

    Identify whether the statement is general or specific. Write GS if it is a general statement, and SS if it is a specific statement on the blank.

    Shiela's little sister loves chocolates.

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  • Q7

    Study each pair of sentences. Write on your paper GS if the statement is general and SS if it is specific.

    _____1.1  Mr. Dela Cruz bought a blue ball for his son.

    _____1.2 Mr.  Santos  bought a red ball for his son.

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  • Q8

    Alex was very good in sports.

    Which statement support the underlined statement?

    He made his parents proud.

    He won gold medals in the sports competitions.

    He practiced everyday.

    Alex was very obedient.

  • Q9

    The general statement in a paragraph is usually called the topic sentence.

    True or False
  • Q10

    Fill the blank with the correct answer.

    The _________________________ are considered the supporting details. They make the general statement precise and easier to understand.

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