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G8Bi 6.1 Earth - A Gift Shop (Comprehension 1)

Quiz by Janette Salinas

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  • Q1
    Who is telling the story?

    a god

    an alien

    a human

    a robot

  • Q2
    What is the narrator trying to do?

    he wants to share the achievements the humans have made

    he is warning aliens not to come to Earth

    he is showing people how amazing the Earth is

    he is trying to get the reader to come to earth
  • Q3
    Why did Earth become a museum?

    They founders thought they needed to save the whales.

    The robots needed a place to keep humans as pets.

    The founders wanted to get people to come to earth.

    The aliens wanted to show what humans were like.

  • Q4
    Why did Earth become a gift shop?

    they lost all the artifacts in the museum and so could only sell things to raise money

    the museum burnt down and was replaced with a gift shop by the firefighters

    they realized the gift shop was a big hit because people just wanted to buy things

    they got an investment from some people on Mars who donated many things to sell

  • Q5
    Why didn't the theme park work?

    they thought people would pay more for the rides but people only wanted free rides

    they misjudged the strength of the humans who rode on the rides

    they didn't know how to build the rides correctly because they misjudged the g-forces

    they hoped they would become famous very quickly and suddenly but didn't

  • Q6
    What are elements of science fiction in this story?

    alternate realities

    time travel

    aliens and other planets

    technology and the future
  • Q7
    Why did the story have a list of top selling items?

    this story is actually a sales report

    this story is actually a brochure
  • Q8
    What does enterprising mean?

    Rejecting knowledge and hiding in a corner 

    Accepting challenges and taking initiative
  • Q9
    What is mandatory?

    something that is helpful

    something that is required

    something that is needed

    something that is wanted

  • Q10
    What is a hypothesis?

    a guess that is random and completely unfounded

    an explanation for something that can be tested
  • Q11
    What is science fiction?
    when an author explores unexpected possibilities of the past future

    when an author writes a story about magic

    when an author uses evidence to predict what will happen

  • Q12
    What is theme?

    a warning about the future that the author shares

    a message that the author shares with the reader
  • Q13
    What word describes the author's tone in this story? (use lowercase)
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  • Q14

    What the objects in the museum reveal about future Earth? (L29-41)

    People are uneducated and cannot appreciate ____________.

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  • Q15
    What is most important to humans at this time in the future?
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