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Galvanic Quiz

Quiz by Erine Fraser

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the effect of the cathode when applying desincrustation solution?
    restore the acid mantle
    release oxygen
    tighten and harden the tissues
    saponify sebum
  • Q2
    What should you do when a client experiences a metallic taste in their mouth during an iontophoresis treatment?
    explain this is a normal reaction and increase the current
    stop the treatment as the client must be hypersensitive to the current
    switch over the polarity to see if it is more comfortable
    Turn the intensity down slightly to suit client's tolerance
  • Q3
    client complains that, following a treatment, their skin is itchy and sore and you notice it is quite red - what should you advise?
    tell them it is a normal reaction as the circulation has been improved and the symptoms will subside
    remove any product and apply a cold compress, record the details and refer them to their doctor if symptoms persist.
    apply a warm compress, record the details and refer them to a local hospital for treatment
    advise the client to wash their skin before the next treatment as their products have reacted with the treatment
  • Q4
    What chemical is produced under the positive polarity?
    potassium hydroxide
    sodium hydroxide
    citric acid
    hydrochloric acid
  • Q5
    What contra actions could occur during a galvanic treatment?
    bruising and irritation
    burns and excessive erythema
    muscle fatigue and excessive erythema
    hyperpigmentation and burns
  • Q6
    what current does the galvanic machine produce?
    oscillating current
    indirect current with polarity
    low frequency direct with polarity
    alternating current
  • Q7
    which of the following would restrict an electrical treatment?
    contagious skin diseases
  • Q8
    Which product should be used with a galvanic machine and why?
    powder as it allows slip and glide and absorbs moisture
    saline solution, as it helps conduct the current and prevents discomfort
    oil, as it allows slip and glide and improves skin condition
    an ionised gel, as it aids penetration of the active ingredients

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