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Gandhi part2

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    On page 4, the suffix -ful helps the reader determine the word powerful means -
    to be weak and powerless
    to have great power or strength
    to be afraid of others
    to be shy and timid
  • Q2
    The photograph on page 11 is included in this selection most likely to -
    show the reader what the important event looked like
    show how frail and weak Gandhi was because he fasted
    explain why Gandhi was nonviolent
    give the reader instructions on how to march
  • Q3
    An important idea (main idea) presented in this selection is that- (remember Gandhi's problem and solution)
    With his bald head, thin body, wire glasses, and shy nature, Mohandas Gandhi seemed like a kind grandfather.
    Gandhi stopped wearing western clothes and began to make his own.
    South Africa was ruled by the British, and people who were not white were treated poorly.
    At the age of 13 Gandhi was married.
  • Q4
    Read these sentences from page 8. (Many people including Gandhi were beaten and jailed. Gandhi remained in South Africa for 20 years. He continued to work for better treatment of the Indians.) What does this sentence suggest about Gandhi?
    He does not give up.
    Gandhi will never be able to help the Indians.
    He would prefer to be at home with his wife and children.
    Gandhi is violent and does not care for others.
  • Q5
    On page 9 of the selection, what does the word canceled mean?
    to decide or announce that an event will not take place
    to give up all hope
    to continue an event or gathering
    to become violent
  • Q6
    The author organizes the information in the book Gandhi in sequential order mainly to-
    tell about the important events in Gandhi's life from beginning to end in chronological order.
    to show the reader the steps of how to become like Gandhi.
    to describe the life of Gandhi as a child.
    to compare Gandhi to other world leaders.
  • Q7
    On page 4, what is the meaning of the word (nature). [multiple meaning word]
    the inherent character, disposition, temperment or attitude of a person
    the external or outside world and its entirety
    natural scenery
    a creative and controlling force of the universe

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