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Gatsby Ch 2 Quiz

Quiz by Colleen Mansour

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    Where is the "valley of ashes" located?
    West Egg
    New York
    Halfway between West Egg and New York
    East Egg
  • Q2
    What are the eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg?
    A book
    A billboard
    A password to enter a speakeasy
    A person's eyes
  • Q3
    Who lives in the valley of ashes?
  • Q4
    What does Tom's mistress's husband do for a living?
    He works on a train
    He owns a car repair shop
    He is unemployed
    He's a farmer
  • Q5
    How does George Wilson know Tom?
    George and Tom work together
    George and Tom are childhood friends
    George knows Tom is having an affair with his wife
    Tom says he's going to sell him a car
  • Q6
    What does Myrtle tell George about where she's going when she meets up with Tom in New York?
    She's having a girls weekend with friends
    She's going to visit her sister
    She's spending time with Tom
    She's going to see a Broadway show
  • Q7
    Once in the city, Myrtle has Tom buy her all of the following EXCEPT
    A dog
    A dress
    A magazine
  • Q8
    True or false: Nick is drunk at the party at Tom and Myrtle's apartment.
  • Q9
    All of the following are guests at Tom and Myrtle's apartment EXCEPT
    Myrtle's sister
    Jordan Baker
    Mr. & Mrs. McKee
  • Q10
    What does Mr. McKee do for a living?
    He's a dentist
    He's a painter
    He's a journalist
    He's a photographer
  • Q11
    According to Catherine, why don't Tom and Myrtle divorce their spouses and marry each other?
    Tom refuses to be seen in public with Myrtle.
    Daisy is a Catholic and doesn't believe in divorce.
    Myrtle prefers to be Tom's mistress.
    Myrtle still loves her husband.
  • Q12
    Why does Myrtle say that she knew marrying George was a mistake?
    He lied to her about his job
    He is abusive
    He had bad breath
    He borrowed a suit to get married in
  • Q13
    What makes Tom hit Myrtle at the end of the night?
    She gets too drunk
    She keeps boasting about her dress
    She continues to say Daisy's name
    She threatens to go home

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