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General and Specific Statements

Quiz by Guillermo G. Esteban Jr.

Grade 4
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is a general statement?
    Ms. Cruz sold his 3-room apartment.
    Mr. Kho is a successful businessman.
    Mr. Reyes owns a brand new Innova.
  • Q2
    Which is a specific statement?
    Arthur answers his assignment in English.
    The child reads different kinds of books.
    The boy has a lot of toys.
  • Q3
    Edna helped her parents in the garden. Which of the following DOES NOT support that general statement?
    She removes the dried leaves.
    She sells the harvest in the market.
    She waters the plants.
  • Q4
    Jazzler won gold medal in the Division Math Olympiad. Which general statement can be supported by that specific statement?
    Jazzler is excellent at numbers.
    Jazzler is a grade four contestant.
    Jazzler likes reading books.
  • Q5
    Viankah uses social media to entertain people. Which statement supports this general statement?
    Viankah accepts Tiktok challeges.
    Viankah does arts and crafts.
    Viankah is kind and pretty.

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