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General knowledge

Quiz by Juana Yosselin Hernández Gonzalez

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Sort with their respective genres.

    sorting:// Romantic | Every Day, Eclipse, Beastly: Horror | Don`t breath, IT, Eli

  • Q2

    Sort  images with their respective genres

    sorting://Romantic| #ba71fa65-35d4-4ab4-9c01-593801c6d817/question/911b61514456a2495a20e16a94251afb535eb5fc.jpeg,#ba71fa65-35d4-4ab4-9c01-593801c6d817/question/e56f826b7bc6ca5b535eb1749f6f529a86dab5df.jpeg: Horror|#ba71fa65-35d4-4ab4-9c01-593801c6d817/question/f39972a61bd1c46f20fd354fa6a2de01b6138d9b.jpeg, #ba71fa65-35d4-4ab4-9c01-593801c6d817/question/354a69fbcd9d2da1eaad6eaa03c1c1bc5b7e333e.jpeg,

  • Q3

    Select the correct phrase that was said in the movie

    linking://Titaninc|Where am I taking you, miss? To the stars: Pride and prejudice|Anyone in their right mind would have gone crazy for you: Noahs diary|Tell me what you want me to be and I'll be it for you

  • Q4

    Order the frase 

    ordering://Tell me what|1:you want me to be|2:and I will be for you|3

  • Q5

    Tom Holland 2021 movie name

    freetext://No way home


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