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General Quiz (Dark They were and Golden Eyed)

Quiz by Oluchi Onyewu

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    1.. What is the theme of the story, Dark They Were and Golden Eyed?
    Family is what matters most.
    Space exploration can be dangerous.
    Places can change you.
    Money is the root of all evil.
  • Q2
    2.Which of the following is NOT a change that the Bitterings notice on Mars?
    Their dog grows a third eye.
    Their eyes start to turn gold/yellow.
    Their cow grows a third horn. HIDE ANSWER
    The roses start to turn green.
  • Q3
    3 How does the setting best affect Mr. Bittering in lines 245-272?
    He is excited that he is finally able to speak Martian.
    He is captivated by the Martian world lorrt.
    The changes he has witnessed in his family and home terrify him.
    He is comforted by the soothing aspects of the Martian environment.
  • Q4
    4 What sort of mood is created by words like trembling, throat, heart and sweating?
  • Q5
    5. How does the setting affect the plot in lines 319-330?
    Harry explores the marine life of the canal.
    Mr. Bittering ponders how Mars will inevitably change his body?
    Apparently driven crazy, Mr. Bittering ponders downing and letting the environment overtake his body.
    Mr. Bittering obsessed with how the plant has changed his house.
  • Q6
    6. How many family members make up the Bitterings family?
  • Q7
    7. What happens on Earth that causes the Bitterings to be stuck on Mars?
    An atom bomb hits New York, which stops the rocket from leaving Earth to go to Mars.
    The people on Earth run out of rocket fuel.
    he Martians invade Earth.
    The entire planet is destroyed in a war.
  • Q8
    8. Why does the Bittering family leave Earth and move to Mars?
    They have relatives that live on Mars.
    They wanted to escape the war on Earth.
    They heard the weather on Mars is much more agreeable than Earth's weather.
    They wanted to go on a family vacation.
  • Q9
    9. Which of the following title is an example of science ficition?
    Uncle Drew
    Beauty and the Beast
  • Q10
    10. What does Mr. Bittering's son tell him at the canal?
    He wants to go back to Earth.
    He wants to live on Mars forever.
    He needs money to buy clothes.
    He wants to change his name.

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