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Genersl Quiz 31/05

Quiz by Renu Wynn

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Raghu wants to become a reporter. He should try for a job in:
    Patna High School
    Apollo Hospital
    The Times of India
    Amul Dairy
  • Q2
    In which of these states is the festival associated with this picture popular?
    Question Image
    West Bengal
  • Q3
    When the teacher showed the picture of a tiny baby kangaroo, the entire class was ‘interested’. But when she showed them the picture of a tiny rat, they were ‘ __________’.Which of these words is OPPOSITE in meaning to ‘interested’ and can be used to complete the sentence given above?
  • Q4
    Which of these BEST answers the question: What happened today?
    We are making a scrap book.
    They laugh at me always.
    I will watch a movie.
    The chain snapped.
  • Q5
    All living things react to sound, touch etc. Whatever causes a living thing to react is called a stimulus. The reaction is called a response. Which of these is an example of a STIMULUS-RESPONSE?
    A boy studying for a test on the next day.
    A kitten playing with a ball of wool
    A girl covering her eyes when a beam of light falls on her face.
    A cow eating grass.
  • Q6
    Bindu's teacher asked a few students to perform an experiment described in the textbook. However, Bindu found that her results were different from what was described in the book. What should Bindu do?
    She should report her observations the way they are.
    She should use her friends' observations.
    She should change the observations so that she gets the result reported in the textbook.
    She should keep repeating the experiment till she gets the result reported in the textbook.

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