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Genetic Engineering

Quiz by Evangeline Agtarap

Grade 11/12
Earth and Life Science
Philippines Curriculum: SHS Core Subjects (MELC)

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Measures 2 skills from
Grade 11/12
Earth and Life Science
Philippines Curriculum: SHS Core Subjects (MELC)

S11/12LT-IIej- 17
S11/12LT-IIej- 19

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following is the first step in making a genetically engineered corn or Bt corn?

    Extract DNA from Bt bacteria


    Insert Bt gene into corn cells

    Modify Bt gene

    Modify corn gene

    S11/12LT-IIej- 17
  • Q2

    What could be the direct risk from cultivating and farming Bt corn?

    Sustaining cancer cells

    Extinction of all the corn species

    Resistance from the pathogenic pests

    Mixing of genes with other corn varieties

    S11/12LT-IIej- 19
  • Q3

    Which of the following are TRUE of genetic engineering?

    I. Produces a desirable trait

    II. Involves the transfer of a specific gene

    III. Gene can come from a different organism

    IV. Gene can only come from the same organism

    I, II, and IV

    II and III

     I and II

    I, II, and III

    S11/12LT-IIej- 17
  • Q4

    The following are benefits of using GMOs EXCEPT one. Which one is it?

    Nutrient enrichment

    Antibiotic resistance

     Insect resistance

    Virus resistance

    S11/12LT-IIej- 19
  • Q5

    Genetic engineering involves changing an organism’s genome. What does genome refer to?

    An organism’s complete set of genetic instructions

    An organism’s partial set of genetic instructions

    The expression of a gene in an observable manner

    A small segment of DNA that contains a set of instructions

    S11/12LT-IIej- 17

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