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Quiz by Angelo Carlo Gulanes

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    According to the video, what are some potential positive outcomes of genetic engineering?

    Modifying the human genome for aesthetic purposes

    Creating genetically modified organisms for pet ownership

    Producing new medicines and more robust crops

    Correcting diseases and improving physical appearance

  • Q2

    What is an example given in the video of using recombinant DNA to produce a specific product?

    Modifying the human genome

    Inserting insect DNA into plants

    Creating more robust crops

    Producing insulin for diabetics

  • Q3

    What is the term used to describe the ethical considerations surrounding genetic engineering?

    Genetic modification ethics


    Genomic ethics

    Ethical engineering

  • Q4

    What is one concern mentioned in the video about genetic engineering?

    It may lead to the extinction of certain species

    It may result in the production of less nutritious food

    It may cause allergic reactions in humans

    It may have unknown long-lasting effects

  • Q5

    What is a potential benefit of genetically modifying food?

    It can make the food more nutritious

    It can make the food last longer

    It can make the food taste better

    It can increase the crop yield

  • Q6

    Why is inserting DNA into an apple tree useful, according to the video?

    To make the tree reproduce more quickly

    To make the apples sweeter

    To make the tree more resistant to disease

    To make the tree grow larger apples

  • Q7

    Which term is used to describe the process of taking genes from one organism and inserting them into another?

    Gene modification

    Genetic engineering



  • Q8

    What is an example given in the video of humans influencing the genetics of organisms?

    Breeding dogs to create different breeds

    Selecting trees with larger and sweeter apples

    Inserting insect DNA into plants

    Modifying the human genome

  • Q9

    According to the video, when did humans start directly modifying genes?


    Ancient times

    Middle Ages

    20th century

  • Q10

    What is one factor that makes genetic engineering particularly complex and raises ethical questions?

    The difficulty of manipulating genes at a fine-grain level

    The potential for unintended side effects

    The controversy surrounding genetically modified organisms

    The modification of all offspring and the gene pool.


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