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Quiz by Robin Rathman

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35 questions
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  • Q1
    The discovery of which of the following has most directly led to advances in the identification of suspects in criminal investigations and in the identification of genetic diseases?
    Sterile Procedures
    DNA Structure
    Cell Structure
  • Q2
    Which sequence of DNA bases would pair with the ones in the partial strand of ATGTGACAG ?
  • Q3
    What molecules do both DNA and RNA contain?
  • Q4
    The genetic material of an organism is composed of
    complex carbohydrates
    Deoxyribonucleic acids
  • Q5
    Which of the following best describes how DNA and RNA are similar
    They both are formed in a double helix structure
    They both contain the nitrogen bases thymine and adenine
    They both are composed of five different nucleotides
    They both contain the nitrogen bases cytosine and guanine
  • Q6
    Which of the following base pair sequences could be produced in DNA replication?
    5’ AGTCAT 3’ pairs with 3’ UCAGUA 5’
    5’ AGTCAT 3’ pairs with 3’ CTGACG 5’
    5’ AGTCUT 3’ pairs with 3’ TCUGTA 5’
    5’ AGTCAT 3’ pairs with 3’ TCAGTA 5’
  • Q7
    Semi-conservative replication of DNA refers to the idea that
    Each half of the original DNA molecule is joined with a new complementary DNA strand.
    Each new DNA molecule contains two new single RNA strands.
    DNA molecules need to unwind before duplication begins.
    The two strands of DNA molecules run in opposite directions.
  • Q8
    A chromosome is best described as a
    A green cell found in many plants.
    A gene that has more than one form.
    A reproductive cell found in certain kinds of bacteria.
    A strand of DNA containing genetic information.
  • Q9
    Which statement about DNA is correct ?
    A child’s DNA will be unrelated to the mother’s or father’s DNA.
    A female child’s DNA will exactly match the mother’s DNA.
    A male child’s DNA will exactly match the father’s DNA.
    A child’s DNA will show similarities to both the mother’s and father’s DNA.
  • Q10
    DNA contains the code for constructing which molecules ?
  • Q11
    In humans, B is the allele for brown eyes and b is the allele for blue eyes. Two brothers both have brown eyes, but one of them has both the B and b alleles while the other only has B alleles. Which statement is true about the brothers?
    They have the same genotype but different phenotypes
    They have the same phenotype but different genotypes
    They have the same genotype and phenotype
    They have different phenotypes and genotypes
  • Q12
    Which of the following best describes the number of chromosomes in a normal human liver cell?
    23 pairs of chromosomes
    23 original and 23 duplicate chromosomes
    46 different types of chromosomes
    46 male and 46 female chromosomes
  • Q13
    The instructions that determine coat color in dogs are stored in the
    Cytoplasm of skin cells
    Membrane of every cell
    Chromosomes of every cell
    Mitochondria of hair cells
  • Q14
    Which of the following statements best describes a DNA molecule ?
    It is composed of amino acids
    It contains the sugar ribose
    It contains the nitrogenous base uracil
    It is a double helix
  • Q15
    Which of the following are monomers that join together to form DNA, a polymer
    Amino acids
    Fatty acids

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