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GEO SLO PRACTICE Quiz 1 Even 2021

Quiz by Steve Wehlan

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Mid-ocean ridges are... (2)
    narrow valleys that run along the bottom of the ocean floor
    underwater areas where thick layers of sediment pile up.
    areas marking where tectonic plates slide past each other.
    areas where underwater mountain ranges form when molten rock rises up from underneath the seafloor.
  • Q2
    Which type of evidence was NOT used by Alfred Wegener to try and support his continental drift theory? (4)
    evidence from human remains.
    evidence from climate.
    evidence from landforms.
    evidence from fossils.
  • Q3
    On the ocean floor are found the mid-ocean ridges.  These areas are important because they... (6)
    destroy old crust to be recycled to form new crust
    form the borders of all the oceans of the world
    produce new crust from recycled molten rock.
    help form underwater river and lake systems.
  • Q4
    At which type of plate boundary(s) would you find volcanoes forming? (8)
    a transform plate boundary
    All of these
    a convergent (continental-continental) plate boundary
    a convergent (either continental-oceanic or oceanic-oceanic) plate boundary
  • Q5
    The layer of the Earth where pressure, density, and temperature are the greatest is the... (10)
    Outer core
    Inner core
  • Q6
    At which ocean floor feature would the greatest amount of water pressure be exerted? (12)
    abyssal plain
    continental shelf
    continental slope
  • Q7
    Alfred Wegener's theory of continental drift states that... (14)
    the continents do not move.
    the continents were once joined into one large landmass called Pangaea
    Earth is cooling and shrinking.
    All of these
  • Q8
    If new crust is constantly being created at mid-ocean ridges, then why doesn't the Earth grow larger? (16)
    new crust is uplifted and forms new mountain ranges.
    much of the new crust is forced into volcanoes and melted.
    old crust is subducted and recycled back into the mantle.
    much of the new crust is eroded by ocean currents.
  • Q9
    Mountain ranges are formed at which type of plate boundary? (18)
    Divergent (oceanic-continental) plate boundaries
    Convergent (continental-continental) plate boundaries
    Subduction zones
    Transform plate boundaries
  • Q10
    Landforms and phenomena such as; deep-ocean trenches, volcanoes, mountain ranges, mid-ocean ridges, island arcs, faults, and earthquakes are all the result of... (20)
    rotation of the Earth on its axis
    uneven heating of Earth's surface from the Sun
    earth's magnetic field
    tectonic plate movement

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