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Geography, History, and the Social Sciences

Quiz by John Heeg

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of these statements BEST describes the climates of the United States?
    All regions of the United States have the same climates
    Only 2 basic climates are found in the United States
    There is no seasonal variation in the climates of the United States
    Climates differ from one part of the United States to another
  • Q2
    According to many anthropologists, a land bridge during the Ice Age allowed migration between which two continents?
    Europe and Asia
    North America and Europe
    Asia and North America
    South America and North America
  • Q3
    Many anthropologists believe that nomadic people crossed a land bridge in order to…
    Search for gold and other riches
    Capture native people of this region to be their slaves
    Hunt migrating animals
    Escape religious persecution
  • Q4
    Which of the following is the MOST reliable source of information about an event that happened 60 years ago?
    A letter published in a newspaper one month after the event
    A diary entry of an eyewitness of the event dated one day after the event
    A chapter in a textbook about the event
    An article written by the granddaughter of someone who participated in the event
  • Q5
    Which of the following states is MOST likely to have a tropical climate?
    New York
  • Q6
    In Iroquois culture, which group of people had the most political power?
    The Great Spirit
  • Q7
    The buffalo was the primary food source, shelter, clothing and tools for Native Americans who lived in the
    Great Plains
    Southwest Desert
    Eastern Woodland People
  • Q8
    Which situation provides the best evidence that the Iroquois adapted to their environment?
    Including women in the governing process
    Speaking a language different from other tribes
    Hunting seal, walrus, and caribou
    Living in longhouses made of wood and bark
  • Q9
    When the 5 tribes of the Iroquois joined together for peace, protection and power they formed a governmental system known as…
    The Haudensaunne
    Iroquois Democracy
    Iroquois Confederacy (League of Iroquois)
    The “Black Snacks”
  • Q10
    What did the Native Americans from the 4 different culture areas have in common?
    They all grew corn, beans, and squash
    They all live in igloos
    They all hunted the buffalo
    They all believed in the spirits of nature and wore animal skins and furs as clothing
  • Q11
    One openly accepted theory suggests that the ancestors of Native Americans migrated to the Americas from Asia by crossing the
    Appalachian Mountain Range
    The Land Bridge
    Atlantic Ocean
    Great Plains
  • Q12
    One way the Aztec, Maya, and Incas were similar is that they
    Traveled to the Western Hemisphere from Africa
    Settled in the Southwest deserts of the United States
    Had developed advanced civilizations before the arrival of Columbus
    Left no evidence to help us understand their culture
  • Q13
    Which of the following statements BEST describes the way in which archaeologists contribute to historical knowledge?
    They examine secondary sources and teach in colleges
    They translate Latin
    They examine court evidence
    They explain how culture used objects (artifacts)
  • Q14
    The Longhouse was the type of dwelling used by the
  • Q15
    The way of life for a group of people is known as

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