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Geography Questionnaire..

Quiz by Liliana Gonzalez

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is geography?
    Question Image
    Science that studies and describes the surface of the Earth in its physical, current and natural aspect, or as a place inhabited by humanity.
    Science that studies the origin, formation and evolution of the Earth, the materials that compose it and its structure.
    Science that studies the nature of the soil as a habitat of plants.
    Science that studies the climate, its varieties and their changes and their causes.
  • Q2
    What is a topographic chart?
    Question Image
    It shows the distribution of agricultural land use, natural and induced vegetation of the country, also indicates livestock and forestry use and other uses that occur in the territory related to plant cover.
    Its intention is to provide information regarding the morphological, physical and chemical characteristics of the soils of the national territory.
    A topographic map is a representation, generally partial, of the land surface relief at a defined scale.
    Is the representation on a topographic plane of the geological accidents that emerge on the earth's surface.
  • Q3
    What is the relief?
    Question Image
    High plain with respect to sea level.
    Natural elevation of high altitude terrain.
    Part or portion of the surface of a thing, especially of a land, lower or more sunken than the parts that surround it.
    It is the set of shapes that stand out on a plane or surface.
  • Q4
    What is an ecosystem?
    Question Image
    Biological system constituted by a community of living beings and the natural environment in which they live.
    Vegetation typical of cold climates comprising mosses, lichens and some dwarf trees.
    Vegetation composed of herbaceous plants, usually with tall stems, and isolated bushes or trees, which occurs in tropical climate areas such as Africa, South America or northwestern Australia.
    Vegetation composed of plants isolated and adapted to dryness, especially grasses, which occurs in areas of sub-desert climate, such as the Argentine pampas, the Russian steppe or the Spanish plateau.
  • Q5
    What is phytogeography?
    Question Image
    Science that studies the distribution of plants on Earth.
    In this family, the genus Quercus, where the oaks or oaks meet, is the one with the greatest distribution worldwide.
    Extensively populated land of trees, shrubs and bushes.
    They are a group of vascular plants with seeds of very diverse origin.
  • Q6
    What is agriculture?
    Question Image
    Economic and technical activity that consists in transforming raw materials to convert them into suitable products to meet the needs of man.
    Manufacturing process of a product that is made with the hands or with the help of machines.
    A set of activities that seek to meet the needs of a client.
    It is the set of techniques, knowledge and knowledge to cultivate the land and the part of the primary sector that is dedicated to it.
  • Q7
    What is the weather?
    Question Image
    Degree or thermal level of a body or atmosphere.
    Set of atmospheric conditions of a place, constituted by the amount and frequency of rains, humidity, temperature, winds, etc.
    Line that in the meteorological maps joins the points of places of the terrestrial surface that have the same average of atmospheric pressure.
    An ocean current or sea current is a movement of the waters in the oceans and, to a lesser extent, of the most extensive seas.
  • Q8
    What is biogeography?
    Question Image
    Set of all animal species, usually with reference to a specific place, climate, type, medium or geological period.
    Subdivision of gymnosperm plants (trees and shrubs) with a straight trunk, horizontal, conical branches, evergreen leaves, in the form of scales or needles, unisexual flowers and pineapple-shaped fruit.
    It is generally a humid tropical or subtropical montane forest, which is characterized by a high concentration of surface fog, usually at the canopy level.
    Part of the biology that studies the geographical distribution of animals and plants.
  • Q9
    What is demography?
    Question Image
    Statistical study of human populations according to their status and distribution at a given time or according to their historical evolution.
    Population growth refers to the increase in the number of people established in an area per unit of time for its calculation.
    Organized system of relationships established between this group of people.
    Set of inhabitants of a place.
  • Q10
    What is Territorial Planning?
    Question Image
    It is the effect that human activity produces on the environment.
    It is the set of transversal actions of the State that have the task of implementing an orderly occupation and sustainable use of the territory.
    Action or procedure that, together with others, is carried out to achieve or resolve a thing.
    The purpose is to regulate or induce land use and productive activities,

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