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Geometry Test #5 Chapter 4 Material

Quiz by Dr. Esequiel Garcia

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11 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the reason for #6?

    Question Image

    SSS Postulate

    ASA Postulate

    ASA Postulate

    SAS Postulate

  • Q2

    What additional information will allow you to prove the triangles congruent by the HL Theorem?

    Question Image

    \angle A \cong\angle E

    \overline{\mathrm{AC}} \cong\overline{\mathrm{DC}}


  • Q3

    Name the angle included by the sides MP and PN

    Question Image

    \angle P

    \angle M

    \angle N

  • Q4

    It is the same distance from second base to first base, and second base to third base. The angle formed by first base, second base, and home plate has the same measure as the angle formed by third base, second base, and home plate. What can you conclude about the distance from first base to home plate, and from home plate to third base? Explain

    The distances are different from first to home plate as well as from home to third base. 

    The distance from first base to home plate is the same as the distance from home plate to third base.

  • Q5
    Question Image
  • Q6

    What are the reasons for #3 and #4?

    Question Image

    Reflexive Property of \congSSS

    Symmetric Property of \cong SSS

  • Q7

    What postulate proves the two triangles congruent?

    Question Image




  • Q8
  • Q9

    In an A-frame house, the two congruent sides extend from the ground to form a 44° angle at the peak. What angle does each side form with the ground?





  • Q10
    Question Image
  • Q11
    Answer Image
    Answer Image

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