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Georgia and World War II

Quiz by Ron Fuller

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  • Q1
    Why did the United States start a lend-lease system of war equipment?
    It could charge interest and make more money
    It would get the materials back at the end of the war
    Its allies ran out of money with which to purchase the equipment
    Their allies preferred to lease the equipment
  • Q2
    Which describes the involvement of the U.S. in WWII before the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
    The U.S. sent advisory troops to aid Germany
    The U.S. secretly sank German submarines
    The U.S. provided lend-lease aid to England and the Soviet Union
    The U.S. was neutral and had no involvement at all
  • Q3
    The US entered WWII when Japan attacked
    Pearl Harbor
  • Q4
    What famous statement refers to the attack on Pearl Harbor?
    "we have only begun to fight"
    "day that will live in infamy"
    "the British are coming"
    "shot heard round the world"
  • Q5
    What happened to the Bell Aircraft plant that began during WWII?
    It closed down before WWII ended
    It has continued to operate as Bell Aircraft without change
    It's now part of the Lockheed Martin aircraft plant
    It became part of Hartsfield-Jackson airport today
  • Q6
    Which was a major contribution by Georgia to support the fighting in WWII?
    Radar technology was developed and tested in Georgia
    Military bases were established that trained large numbers of troops
    Hospitals trained large numbers of doctors and nurses for the Medical Corps
    Research was completed in Georgia that led to the atomic bomb
  • Q7
    What were the Liberty Ships?
    cargo ships
    landing craft
  • Q8
    Where were the Liberty Ships built?
    Savannah and Atlanta
    Columbus and Savannah
    Brunswick and Macon
    Brunswick and Savannah
  • Q9
    What was the impact of Richard Russell's service in the US Senate from 1932 to 1971?
    It showed that a Republican could be repeatedly elected in Georgia
    It gave Georgia strong leadership in the Senate as a result of his length of service
    It declined because he did not have a strong military record
    It was not significant because he had no political opposition
  • Q10
    Because of Richard Russell's sponsorship of a program for school children, he earned the nickname
    father of the school lunch program
    father of the county school system
    father of the graded school
    father of Common Core
  • Q11
    The youngest governor in Georgia history was
    Carl Vinson
    Eugene Talmadge
    Richard Russell
    Walter George
  • Q12
    Who said the most expensive thing in the world was a weak Army and Navy?
    Franklin Roosevelt
    Richard Russell
    Eugene Talmadge
    Carl Vinson
  • Q13
    Who was known as the "father of the two-ocean navy"?
    Richard Russell
    Carl Vinson
    Franklin Roosevelt
    Walter George
  • Q14
    Who was the world leader that started the Holocaust?
    Benito Mussolini
    Joseph Stalin
    Emperor Hirohito
    Adolph Hitler
  • Q15
    The Holocaust was the name given to the actions used by Hitler and the Nazis for
    getting rid of the bodies of those who were killed during WWII
    frightening those that opposed Adolph Hitler
    eliminating prisoners of war
    murdering 6 million Jews and other groups of people

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