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Quiz by Matt Ross

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6 questions
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  • Q1

    How long should you wash your hands?

    You don't have to wash your hands.

    30 Seconds

    15 Seconds

    5 Seconds

  • Q2

    How do germs get inside our body?



    Nose, Mouth, or Broken Skin


  • Q3

    How should you sneeze or cough?

    In your hand.

    In your friends face.

    In your elbow.

    In the air.

  • Q4

    What should you do after you sneeze?

    Wash your hands. 

    Go outside and play.

    You do not have to do anything.

    Wipe it on your friend.

  • Q5

    What are the steps to washing your hands?

    Wet hands then dry them.

    Wet hands, squirt soap, dry hands.

    Wet hands, squirt soap, scrub hands, rinse hands, dry hands.

    Wet hands, scrub hands, dry hands.

  • Q6

    Germs are helpful to our body.

    True or False

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