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Gerunds and Infinitives C2


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  • Q1

    When you're feeling stressed and can't focus, I recommend ______ some time in nature.


    that spending

    to spend

    you to spend

  • Q2

    Negative thoughts can also affect your health, so try ______ about things that make you angry or sad.

    to avoid thinking

    avoid to think

    avoiding to thinking

    to avoid to think

  • Q3

    As we were being seated at a table, Mom suggested ______ some of the restaurant's new dishes, but everyone wanted to stick to their favorites.

    to order

    us ordering

    us to order

    that we order

  • Q4

    With only one day to go before Jack's birthday party, Mel still couldn't decide ______ on his present.

    much money spending

    spending how much money

    to spend how much money

    how much money to spend

  • Q5

    We were all having a wonderful time ______ how to windsurf - all of us except for Daniel, who was clearly bored and wanted to go home.

    that we learn


    for learning

    to learn

  • Q6

    Cathy kept on ordering more slices of her favorite cake, until she was ______ another bite.

    full that she took

    full enough to take

    so full taking

    too full to take

  • Q7

    Just because Jenny isn't as good an athlete as the rest of us, she ______ in such a condescending manner.

    doesn't deserve to be treated

    doesn't deserve treating

    doesn't deserve to treat her

    isn't deserved to treat

  • Q8

    We were all amazed when our teacher got Zoe ______ a presentation in front of the whole class. She's normally so shy!

    that she give



    to give

  • Q9

    Why ______ to work instead of taking the bus? You live so close!

    not walk

    not to walk

    you aren't walking

    not walking

  • Q10

    It didn't occur to her that ______ for two days meant that she wouldn't get paid for those days.

    she didn't work

    not going to work

    for her not working

    her not to work

  • Q11

    Jessica was really grateful to her classmate ______ the book she needed for her project.

    that she lent her

    to have lent her

    to lend her

    for lending her

  • Q12

    Going out in winter means ______ many more layers of clothes, which can be bothersome.


    to be wearing

    that you wear

    to wear

  • Q13

    If you want to learn ______ a bike, I'll be happy to teach you!


    how will you ride

    how to ride

    how you are riding

  • Q14

    By the way, ______ dozens of reporters at the entrance, waiting for a comment regarding the incident.

    they are likely to be

    there are likely being

    there are likely to be

    it is likely to be

  • Q15

    After hours of work, they realized ______ carrying on because there was no way they would finish in time.

    there was no worth

    it was no use

    there was no use

    it was no worth


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