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Getting to Know AR Rucker

Quiz by Adrian Deese

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26 questions
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  • Q1
    Who is our principal here at AR Rucker? She knows "WATTS" happening all around our school...
    Question Image
    Just in Bieber
    Connie Horton
    Anita Watts
    Arthur Bridges
  • Q2
    Who is the male assistant principal whose office can be found at the end of the 6th grade hallway? He helps to BRIDGE the gap between tries and successes...
    Question Image
    Arthur Bridges
    Palmer Hudson
    Charles McEachin
    Lamont Elder
  • Q3
    This female assistant principal's office can be found at the end of the 8th grade hallway. Who is this? She hears every "Who" needs to be heard...
    Question Image
    Blanche Bruce
    Connie Horton
    Shree Crawley
    LaToya Benjamin
  • Q4
    Which guidance counselor is this? (She is great for helping with schedules, school issues, or simply just to talk!) ALL you need to do is to call on her...
    Question Image
    Adrian Deese
    Allie Teskche
    Michelle White
    Jennifer Hudspeth
  • Q5
    Who is this guidance counselor, a great resource who aims to make the 6th grade transition an easy one? She will never leave you feeling BURNed...
    Question Image
    Ashley Dover
    Lois Lane
    Reshi Clyburn
    Jessica Simpson

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