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Getting to know you, Brent J Slade

Quiz by Jeff Slade

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  • Q1
    The first time Brent left the family farm in Red Mesa for an extended time was
    Question Image
    the summer before he started high school, when he stayed with his grandparents in Pleasant Grove.
    to attend BYU after he graduated from high school.
    when he went on a foreign exchange trip to Sweden.
    to serve a mission in Mexico.
  • Q2
    While still going to school at BYU, Brent joined the National Guard. He didn't want to be just a regular non-commissioned soldier, so he decided to attend Officers' Candidate School in
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  • Q3
    Brent and Gay met in ______________, but theirs wasn't the typical romance. Despite Brent knowing she was "the one," it took some persistence on his part and some capitulation on her part for them to eventually get married.
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    Provo, UT.
    Aztec, AZ.
    Davis, CA.
    Durango, CO.
  • Q4
    Brent has sung and played guitar for most of his life. He has written many songs, some of which made it on to his solo album titled
    Question Image
    "Raised in Red Mesa."
    "Forever and Always."
    "Going Home."
    "Nothin' But Poor Folk."
  • Q5
    Brent has served in many different callings in the church, including Bishop, but the only call he turned down was when he was asked to be
    Question Image
    the Ward Mission Leader.
    the Membership Clerk.
    the choir director.
    a Seminary teacher.

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