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Gibbens versus Ogden 1824 (1-7)

Quiz by Steven Jones

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What was the subject matter of Gibbens v. Ogden?
    State licensing of cotton production.
    State regulation of coal mining.
    Federal licensing of steamboat traffic.
    Federal regulation of cattle ranching.
  • Q2
    Which two parties were involved in Gibbens v. Ogden?
    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
    Benjamin Franklin and George Mason.
    John Adams and James Madison.
    Aaron Ogden and Thomas Gibbens.
  • Q3
    Which court was responsible for hearing Gibbens v. Ogden?
    District Court.
    Supreme Court.
    Appellate Court.
    Circuit Court.
  • Q4
    Who argued the case for Gibbens in front of the Supreme Court?
    William Paterson.
    James Iredell.
    Daniel Webster.
    John Marshall.
  • Q5
    What was the Supreme Court's ruling in Gibbens v. Ogden?
    Federal licensing of steamboat traffic was constitutional.
    State licensing of cotton production was unconstitutional.
    State regulation of coal mining was unconstitutional.
    Federal regulation of cattle ranching was unconstitutional.
  • Q6
    What was the major impact of Gibbens v. Ogden?
    Establishment of state supremacy in commerce regulation.
    Expansion of state power in commerce regulation.
    Abolition of all state regulations.
    Establishment of federal supremacy in commerce regulation.
  • Q7
    Which constitutional clause was invoked in Gibbens v. Ogden?
    Due Process Clause.
    Commerce Clause.
    Establishment Clause.
    Free Exercise Clause.
  • Q8
    What was the central issue in Gibbens v. Ogden?
    Whether Congress had the power to levy taxes on goods.
    Whether the federal government had the power to regulate interstate commerce.
    Whether the state had the power to regulate commerce within its borders.
    Whether the President had the power to make treaties with foreign nations.
  • Q9
    Who wrote the majority opinion in Gibbens v. Ogden?
    Stephen Breyer.
    John Marshall.
    William Paterson.
    James Iredell.
  • Q10
    What year was Gibbens v. Ogden decided?

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