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Give the meaning of the following text messages

Quiz by Αngela Metallinou

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    R U OK?

    Users enter free text
  • Q2

    Yes, Im gr8 thx!

    Yes, I am great, thanks!

    Yes, I am greet, thinngs!

  • Q3

    I need 2 CU asap!

    Users link answers
  • Q4

    Whr RU?

    Users enter free text
  • Q5

    Cnt 2nyt.

    Can't tonight. 

    Cant to the night.

    Can't twonyt.

  • Q6


    Sorry about that!

    Sad about that! 

    Sad after being told!

  • Q7


    Users enter free text
  • Q8

    IMO=In my opinion

  • Q9






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