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Quiz by Richa sarda

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  • Q1
    1. The first memory the Giver gave Jonas was ______ .
    a) a sled ride
    c) a boat ride
    b) a horse ride
    d) a carousel ride
  • Q2
    2. What happened to the Giver after transmitting the memory?
    b) He no longer wanted to give Jonas any memories.
    a) He no longer had the memory.
    c) He felt sad.
    d) He was ready to give Jonas all his memories right away.
  • Q3
    3. Why doesn't it snow in Jonas's community?
    c) Jonas's community is near the equator.
    a) The community had climate control.
    b) The Earth was getting warmer.
  • Q4
    4. During the first day of job training Jonas experienced __________ .
    b) ice
    a) sunburn
    d) rain
    c) lightning and thunder
  • Q5
    5. Why did Jonas feel different at school the day after he began job training?
    b) He was the only person training for his job.
    c) He wished he had been given a different job.
    a) He wasn't allowed to talk about his training.
  • Q6
    6. Why was Jonas late for his second day of training?
    c) His teacher kept him after school to ask how his training went.
    d) He helped Fiona in the House of the Old first.
    b) He rode with Asher to the Department of Bicycle Repair
    a) He saw the change in Fiona's hair that he had experience earlier with the apple.
  • Q7
    7. What was Jonas experiencing for the first time?
    a) color
    c) music
    d) laughter
    b) light
  • Q8
    8. What color did Jonas see?
    c) blue
    b) green
    a) red
    d) yellow
  • Q9
    9. What memory did the Giver give Jonas so he could see other colors?
    b) a clown
    c) flowers
    d) fish
    a) a rainbow

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