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Giver Chapter 18 by Govinda Oli

Quiz by Ram Bahadur

Key Stage 4
English National Curriculum

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9 questions
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  • Q1

    What was the cause of her failure?

    Rosemary was similar to Jonas. She arrived in the Annex room in the same way, full of anticipation and anxiety at her new role in the community.

    She couldn't bear the pain of the memories that created anguish

    She enjoyed the early memories and was diligent in her responsibilities.

    Giver explains that the memories are painful because she loved the previous Receiver in Training, just as he loves Jonas now.

  • Q2

    Where did Rosemary go?

    She hugged the Giver goodbye, went to Chief Elder, and applied for release.

    She escape from community with painful memories.

    After she experienced these painful memories, Rosemary changed.

    She was no longer as happy as she had been before and stop coming to training.

  • Q3

    What was the last Receiver's-in-training name?





  • Q4

    Is Jonas allowed to ask to be released?

    No, the rules changed after Rosemary asked to be released

    Jonas can apply for release

    People can vote and decide to whom to release

    The committee of elder can decide upon the matter of release

  • Q5

    What happened to the memories when Rosemary died?

    All they memories Rosemary received came back to the people

    It was a terrible blow to the community

    The community was unable to deal with the memories of loneliness she left.

    She died with happy memories.

  • Q6

    For the first time, the community had memories which caused them to have……………………





  • Q7

    What did the Giver do to help the people after the death of Rosemary?

    Although the Giver reflects that he might be able to do something to help the community

    The Giver is greatly disturbed and suggests the people to be very careful

    The community was unable to deal with the memories of loneliness she left

    Giver did nothing, he was devastated because he loved Rosemary and missed her

  • Q8

    Why did the Giver keep telling Jonas to stay away from the river?

    Although the Giver reflects that he might be able to do something to help this time.

    The Giver always tried to end their training with happy memories

      He didn't want him to die because the memories would go to the people

    The Giver is greatly disturbed by the idea and suggests that Jonas should  be very careful where he walks.  

  • Q9

    How does Jonas deal with the memories?

    He realized that memories needed to be shared

    Jonas asks why these horrible memories need to be preserved

    He relies on committee of elder to help him

    He relies on the Giver to help him


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