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Global 1 Final Practice 2024 2

Quiz by Micheal Rubosky

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  • Q1

    Robespierre’s downfall can be most attributed to

    Napoleon staging a coup d’etat to attain power

    his portrayal of a god during the Ceremony of the Supreme Being

    the French economy

    the people wanted King Louis XVI to retake the throne 

  • Q2

    Which of the following is the BIG PICTURE of the French Revolution

    the Revolution’s liberty, fraternity, and equality are unrealistic goals

    the Revolution asks how much violence is justified in creating a new government

      the cause of the Revolution was over separation of the Church and the State

    the Revolution set the stage for political manipulation of the democratic system

  • Q3

    What was the underlying reason for the French Revolution

    France was suffering heavy losses during World War I

    French people hated the Queen for making cake part of the basic food groups

    Nobles were upset that Queen Antoinette was having an affair with Rasputin

     there were several inequities in France’s socio-economic and political structure

  • Q4

    Which of the following was NOT part of Roosevelt’s “Square Deal”

    filing lawsuits against harmful trusts like the Standard Oil Trust

    preserving millions of acres of the American landscape 

    prohibiting the production, sale, and public consumption of alcohol

    protecting consumers with the Pure Food and Drug Act

  • Q5

    Progressives sought to make American governments more democratic—allowing for more voter participation.  Which of the following is the BEST explanation of the ‘initiative’ process

    citizens vote in a private booth to avoid intimidation

    citizens can hold a special election to remove an elected official

    citizens can vote on passed legislation from their state Congress

    citizens can create a new bill for popular vote  

  • Q6

      Born in Niles Ohio. Won the 1896 by being backed by big business while he sat on his front-porch in Canton, Ohio.  Eventually buckled under pressure to declare war on Spain which gained America an empire.  Shortly into his second term, he was assassinated by a foreign-anarchist.


    William Taft


    William McKinley

  • Q7

    The League of Nations proved ineffective in resolving tensions that led to WWII.  What was THEE single factor that contributed to the ineffectiveness of the League?

    Germany, Italy, and Japan all left the League of Nations

    The United States never joined the League of Nations

    There were not enough countries in the League of Nations

    The Great Depression had bankrupted the League’s reliance on the Dawes Plan

  • Q8

    In April 1775, 400 British soldiers marched from Boston to Concord Massachusetts in an effort to destroy a warehouse filled with colonial weapons and supplies.  In an effort to stop  this British advance, colonial minutemen engaged in the first shots of the American Revolution at Lexington.  Which of the following “Bill of Rights” 1789 addressed this?

     Amendment 3:  No soldier shall be quartered in any house without owner’s consent

    Amendment 2:  A well-regulated militia and the right to arms shall not be infringed

     Amendment 4:  The right of the people against illegal search and seizure

    Amendment 1:  Congress shall not abridge freedom of speech and press

  • Q9

     The British monarchy during the Revolutionary period is a perfect example of a government that believed oppression was the only way to maintain order.  This statement is best supported by which Enlightenment philosopher





  • Q10

    Which of the following would be the most accurate statement in relation to this cartoon?

    Question Image

        FDR New Deal programs actually made the American economy worse (‘sicker’)

    Congress did not support many of FDR’s New Deal programs

    FDR and Congress took a ‘laissez-faire’ approach to dealing with the Depression

    FDR was providing the medicine he believed would cure the United States of it’s problems

  • Q11

     Became a unified country in 1871 by defeating Austria and France (with a little help from Italy).  Later became BFFs with Austria-Hungary.  Sought to be the #1 country in Europe.

    Great Britain



    the Ottoman Empire

  • Q12

    The French and Russian Revolutions are similar for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

    the ‘old regime’ and its followers were allowed political exile to another country

    resulted in radical social, political, economic, and cultural changes

    spurred by socio-economic inequities

    the use of terror with secret police spies

  • Q13

      Dropped out of the League of Nations when their aggressive-nationalistic  foreign policy was questioned


    Great Britain 

    THE US


  • Q14

    During his terms in office, President Franklin Roosevelt was criticized as a ‘wannabe Stalin’ mainly because FDR 

    The New was very similar to Stalin’s 5 year plans in that they were government-sponsored public works programs 

    authorized the construction of his face on Mount Rushmore

    rigged elections by eliminating the Republican Party opposition

    Threw out the bill of rights 

  • Q15

    This “reason for imperialism” was created by the explosion of the Industrial Revolution in Europe and the United States

     need for raw materials

    need for military expansion and protection

    .  national pride

     social Darwinism


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