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Global 9 Review 2

Quiz by Ann Marie MacDonald

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  • Q1
    Which factor most influenced a person's social position in early Indian societies?
    geographic location
    individual achievement
  • Q2
    A similarity between the Gupta Dynasty in India & the Tang Dynasty in China is each dynasty
    promoted equality for women
    made advances in the arts, sciences and mathematics
    gained overseas colonies
    developed a representative government
  • Q3
    What is a major contribution of the Byzantine Empire to global history?
    expansion of equal rights
    preservation of Greek and Roman culture
    invention of writing
    construction of the pyramids
  • Q4
    Constantinople became the center of the Byzantine Empire because
    its location made it the crossroads of Europe and Asia
    it was the religious center for Muslims
    the pope had made it the capital of the Christian world
    it was geographically isolated from surrounding empires
  • Q5
    The Justinian Code is considered a milestone because it
    served as a model for European legal systems
    preserved many ancient Chinese legal decrees in writing
    became the first democratic constitution
    united Muslim and Roman thought
  • Q6
    The Golden Age of Muslim culture was best known for its
    attempts to colonize North America
    frequent conflicts between Christians and Jews
    advances in mathematics, science and medicine
    policies to reduce trade between the Middle East and China
  • Q7
    During the feudal period in Europe, power and position in society were based on the
    amount of money earned
    amount of land possessed
    level of education
    number of slaves owned
  • Q8
    Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages in Europe can best be described as a church that
    was a strong force that divided many people
    stabilizing influence in period of weak central governments
    favored separation from secular governments
    avoided involvement in social and educational matters
  • Q9
    A major goal of the Christian Church during the Crusades was to
    strengthen English dominance in the Arab world
    capture the Holy Land from Islamic rulers
    establish Christianity in Western Europe
    unite warring Arab peoples
  • Q10
    The Crusades indirectly contributed to the discovery of the New World by
    increasing the power of the feudal lords
    stimulating European demand for goods from the East
    forcing the Turks to flee from Constantinople
    forcing the religious conversion of the Muslim population

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