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Global 9 Review 4

Quiz by Ann Marie MacDonald

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Inca terrace farming and Aztec floating gardens are examples of
    slash-and-burn farming techniques
    Mesoamerican art forms symbolizing importance of agriculture
    the ability of civilizations to adapt to their geography.
    colonial policies that harmed L. American civilizations
  • Q2
    One similarity of the Aztec, Maya and Inca empires is that they
    developed in fertile river valleys
    created complex civilizations
    coexisted peacefully with neighboring empires
    maintained democratic political systems
  • Q3
    The ethnocentric attitudes of various Chinese emperors can best be attributed to the
    great cultural diversity within China's borders
    failure of other nations to become interested in China
    cultural isolation of China
    interest of Chinese scholars in other civilizations
  • Q4
    Fall of the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Turks prompted Spain and Portugal to
    extend religious tolerance to Muslim peoples
    seek new trade routes to East Asia
    expand the Catholic Inquisition into the Middle East
    reform their political systems
  • Q5
    In 1500s, technological advances in navigation, naval engineering and map making contributed to
    Mongol Empire
    Age of Exploration
    medieval guilds
    Gupta Empire
  • Q6
    A major reason that the Spanish were able to conquer the peoples of the Americas was the
    enforced slavery of the native peoples by the Spanish
    inability of the native peoples to adapt to Spanish culture
    unified resistance of native peoples to Spanish demands
    military technology of the Spanish conquerors
  • Q7
    Which statement about the encomienda system during the 16th & 17th centuries is accurate?
    Spanish influence declined in its colonies
    Many Native Americans were forced to labor on large estates
    Aztec and Inca civilizations prospered
    Life expectancy among Native American populations increased
  • Q8
    In the 1600s, the interest of Europeans in Africa was based mainly on Europe's need to
    establish collective security arrangements
    market its surplus agricultural products
    settle its surplus population on new lands
    obtain workers for its colonies in the Americas
  • Q9
    One principle in the theory of mercantilism is that colonies should be
    encouraged to develop their own industries
    granted independence as soon as possible
    considered an economic burden for the colonial power
    acquired as markets and sources of raw materials
  • Q10
    Which geographic feature was central in helping the Romans unify their empire?
    Great Rift Valley
    Tiber River
    Mediterranean Sea

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