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Global 9 Review 5

Quiz by Ann Marie MacDonald

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  • Q1
    Which example best represents a primary source?
    film taken during liberation of Nazi concentration camps
    lecture on impact of African slave trade on South America
    an interview with an expert on the fall of the Roman Empire
    20th century novel about events leading to French Revolution
  • Q2
    A geographic similarity between Italy and India is that both of these countries are located
    on archipelagos
    on peninsulas
    south of the equator
    between 2 oceans
  • Q3
    The Indus and Huang He (Yellow) rivers are both closely associated with
    cradles of early civilization
    sacred biblical sites
    oil discoveries
    border disputes
  • Q4
    A similarity between Shinto in Japan and animism in African societies is that both
    base social rank on a caste system
    use the Torah to establish law codes
    stress the importance of the Eightfold Path
    believe that spirits exist in nature
  • Q5
    The Code of Hammurabi and Chinese legalism both rely on the idea that
    religion and government must be brought closer together
    all subjects are equal under the law
    harsh laws are needed to control society
    governments must provide their people with rights
  • Q6
    One similarity between Gupta Empire and Arab dynasties of the Islamic Golden Age is that they
    gained wealth by obtaining gold from the Americas
    stressed the importance of dharma and karma
    made advances in mathematics and literature
    controlled areas around the Mediterranean seacoast
  • Q7
    Which geographic factor has often made Korea a key region for seeking to control East Asia?
    long coastline
  • Q8
    Which culture is credited with the development of gunpowder, the abacus, and the compass?
  • Q9
    What is a primary characteristic of a feudal society?
    an exchange of land for services
    protection of individual rights
    a representative government
    economic equality for all
  • Q10
    Humanism during the Italian Renaissance was focused on
    the importance of the individual
    political theories
    the affairs of the church

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