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GMAS: Reading Informational Text

Quiz by Becky

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a summary?
    an overview of a text that captures the main points but does not give all of the details; does not include opinions
    the author's intention
    the way in which a piece of writing is structured
    influences individuals or events
  • Q2
    What are interactions in a text?
    when characters deny knowing each other
    pulling all the verbs together
    working together to write a good story
    how ideas influence individuals or events OR how individuals influence events
  • Q3
    What is a connotative meaning?
    a made up meaning of a word
    a meaning beyond the explicit (true meaning) of a word
    the exact meaning of a word
    a word that does not exist
  • Q4
    What is meant when a question is asking how a piece of writing is organized?
    if the writer gave a lot of thought to the work
    how the work is structured (cause/effect; compare/contrast; problem/solution; chronological)
    how did the writer think
    is it put together good or bad
  • Q5
    What is author's purpose?
    to make someone happy or sad
    why the author is arguing in the story
    to write in the wrong way
    the author's intention for his or her writing (PIE- persuade, inform, entertain)
  • Q6
    What is the author's point of view?
    only applies when looking at a picture book
    his or her perspective; way of seeing things
    where someone is looking
    a factual answer
  • Q7
    What is evidence in a text?
    finding only things that are wrong
    something not actually there
    stating opinions
    something that proves or demonstrates the truth of something else
  • Q8
    Which can be proven?
    an opinion
    a fact
  • Q9
    Which is chronological order?
    the order of series of events
    a relationship where one thing causes another thing to happen
  • Q10
    Which is cause and effect?
    the order in which a series of events happens
    a relationship where one thing causes another thing to happen

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