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Quiz by VirpiPere

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    She __________ to him. = Hän puhui hänelle.
  • Q2
    He ___________ to her carefully. = Hän kuunteli häntä tarkasti.
  • Q3
    He puhuivat puhelimessa. = They talked ______________________.
    on the ferry
    on the computer
    on the train
    on the phone
  • Q4
    He aloittivat matkansa Kanadaan.
    They started their trip to Canada.
    They stopped their trip to Canada.
    We started our trip to Canada.
    You started your trip to Canada.
  • Q5
    Täältä etsittiin kultaa. (= He etsivät täältä kultaa.)
    They looked for iron here.
    They looked for diamonds here.
    They looked for gold here.
    We looked for gold here.
  • Q6
    vuosia sitten
    years ago
    months ago
    weeks ago
    days ago
  • Q7
    viisi viikkoa sitten
    five years ago
    four weeks ago
    five weeks ago
    five months ago
  • Q8
    He pysähtyivät ja katsoivat ympärilleen.
    They stopped and looked around.
    They stopped and walked around.
    We stopped and looked around.
    They started and looked around.
  • Q9
    Joku mies hymyili ja vilkutti heille. = A man _____________________ at them.
    cried and waved
    smiled and waved
    talked and waved
    smiles and waves
  • Q10
    Me laitoimme ruokaa ja leivoimme.
    We cooked and baked.
    We climbed and baked.
    We cook and bake.
    We hugged and baked.
  • Q11
    Hän melkein itki ilosta.
    She almost jumped with joy.
    She almost cried with anger.
    She almost hugged with joy.
    She almost cried with joy.
  • Q12
    Tämä paita on minulle liian iso.
    This shirt is too small for me.
    This hat is too big for me.
    These mittens are too big for me.
    This shirt is too big for me.
  • Q13
    Hän on osa perhettä.
    She's part of the family.
    She's part of the class.
    She's part of the group.
    She's part of the plan.
  • Q14
    Minä kävelin hitaasti mäkeä alas.
    I walked fast down the hill.
    I walk slowly down the hill.
    I walked slowly up the hill.
    I walked slowly down the hill.

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