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Go the Extra Mile

Quiz by Bernice Broussard

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Customer follow-up is always a good idea, no matter what the situation or who the customer
  • Q2
    If an appliance or computer is being shipped, you might call the customer to be certain it was delivered on time and in good condition and:
    That the delivery people were courteous and careful
    If the customer really liked the deal you gave him
    If the customer has any friends that might like the item
  • Q3
    If you are making a follow-up call, it's a good idea to call during the dinner hour to make sure you contact the customer on the first try.
  • Q4
    When leaving phone messages for customers, you should let them know whether it is important for them to call you back or not.
  • Q5
    Which of the following items would NOT be an appropriate finishing touch to your service?
    Call the customer to make sure he is satisfied with his purchase
    Send a handwritten note thanking the customer for his business
    Send a postcard thanking a customer for letting you help him select a gift for his wife
    Give the customer a business card and encourage him to return to the store
  • Q6
    Which of the following are appropriate reasons for following up with a customer?
    You are curious whether a gift your customer purchased was well received
    You finally located an item the customer asked for a while back
    You haven't seen the customer in a long time and are wondering if she is shopping somewhere else now
    You want to know why a customer did not make it in for a special sale
  • Q7
    You should keep your client records up-to-date and notify customers of merchandise you know is of interest to them.
  • Q8
    Keeping records about customer preferences:
    Can help you provide more personalized service to returning customers
    Will make customers suspicious of your ability to remember details
    Requires an expensive computer system
  • Q9
    In your client record system, you should record:
    Follow-up activities
    All of these
    Customer interests
    Customer purchases
  • Q10
    Which of the following staatements best describes why a client record system is called a "living" record?
    You will spend more time maintaining your records than you do actually serving customers
    It should be accessible to anyone who wants to read it
    You should constantly refer to it and update it with new information
  • Q11
    You should record basic information that allows you to stay in touch with customers and specific information that reminds you of their purchases and preferences.
  • Q12
    Any personal information a customer gives you becomes public knowledge and you may share it with other sales associates.
  • Q13
    Your business card ro the sales receipt is a good place to make notes for a customer regarding
    An upcoming sale
    The date a special order is due
    All of these
    Your work schedule so the customer can contact you in the future
  • Q14
    If you do not have business cards, you can help the customer remember you by:
    Asking the customer for something on which to write your name and address
    Writing "thank you" on the sales receipt and signing your name
    Telling the customer how many sales awards you have won
    Using your own name often in the conversation
  • Q15
    If your company does not supply business cards, you should:
    Tell customers your name and phone number and offer them a pen to write it down
    Tell customer that they can find the store number in the phone directory
    Tell the custome that the company is too cheap to give you business cards
    Check to make sure creating your own will not violate company policy

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