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Government C1

Quiz by Bolade Ajimisogbe

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following country has a constitutional monarchy?
    (c) France
    (b) United Kingdom
    (a) United States
    (d) Germany
  • Q2
    Who holds the highest position in a monarchy?
    (c) King/Queen
    (d) Chancellor
    (a) Prime Minister
    (b) President
  • Q3
    Which country has a republican system of government?
    (b) Australia
    (c) India
    (a) Saudi Arabia
    (d) Spain
  • Q4
    Which monarch has the longest reign in history?
    (b) King Louis XIV
    (a) Queen Elizabeth II
    (c) Queen Victoria
    (d) Emperor Hirohito
  • Q5
    In a monarchy, the head of state is usually determined by:
    c) Military coup
    b) Hereditary succession
    d) Appointment by the legislature
    a) Election
  • Q6
    In a republic, the head of state is usually:
    b) Appointed by the military
    a) Elected by the people
    d) Selected by the judiciary
    c) Inherited through a royal lineage
  • Q7
    The United States is an example of a:
    d) Absolute monarchy
    a) Parliamentary republic
    c) Constitutional monarchy
    b) Presidential republic
  • Q8
    Which of the following is a characteristic of a republican system?
    a) Strong centralization of power
    b) Rule by a single individual
    c) Limited term for the head of state
    d) Hereditary succession
  • Q9
    What is a military junta?
    b) A type of monarchy
    c) A parliamentary system with a military president
    d) A form of direct democracy
    a) A system of government led by military officers
  • Q10
    Nigeria experienced its first military dictatorship on ____
    d) July 7 1960
    c) January 9 1967
    b) July 15 1966
    a) January 15 1966
  • Q11
    In a military regime, the highest authority is usually held by
    a) The President
    b) The Prime Minister
    d) The Supreme Court
    c) The Head of State
  • Q12
    Which of the following is a disadvantage of military involvement in government?
    d) Economic development
    b) Protection of national interests
    a) Stability and security
    c) Suppression of civil liberties
  • Q13
    What is a constitution?
    b) A document that outlines the rights and principles of a government
    a) A set of laws that govern a country
    d) A system of government led by a constitution
    c) A ceremonial event to mark the founding of a nation
  • Q14
    Which country has the oldest written constitution?
    a) United States
    c) France
    d) Japan
    b) United Kingdom
  • Q15
    What is an unwritten constitution?
    c) A constitution based on religious principles
    b) A constitution that is not written down in a single document
    a) A constitution that is not legally binding
    d) A constitution that can be easily amended by the government

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