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Grade 4- Team Makers, Not Breakers

Quiz by Trupti

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The foundation of a good team is...
    Smart people
    Number of people
    Best friends making a team
  • Q2
    When you are put in a team with someone you don't like, you...
    Sit and sulk
    Insist on changing your team
    Put in your best effort in that team
    Don't talk to that person at all
  • Q3
    While discussing the task, all the team members..
    Ask only one person to give ideas, and others listen
    Want to be the leader
    Want THEIR idea to be taken up
    Put their heads together and share ideas
  • Q4
    In a team, everyone must have...
    A common goal
    A good personality
    Very good stationery
  • Q5
    When an argument arises between team members, the other members should...
    settle the argument before moving ahead
    never want to be with those people ever again
    ignore those team mates
    take out those team mates
  • Q6
    Team members need to learn how to...
    Help each other
    Speak loudly
    Look good
    Work fast
  • Q7
    When you are in a team, you must think of...
    The other teams
    Every member
    The Teacher
  • Q8
    A good team player...
    Is good at ALL the subjects
    Is the one who sits quietly
    Respects everyone's opinion
    Starts leading everyone
  • Q9
    Another important skill that a good team should have is...
    Dancing Skills
    Communication Skills( listening and speaking both)
    Math Skills
    Arguing Skills
  • Q10
    If you are unhappy in a team,you will...
    Be very restless
    Complain to the teacher
    Sit quietly
    Try to see what is positive

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