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Grade 6 Vocab 1

Quiz by Alex Greenfield

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    accurate/inaccurate information
    correct or incorrect information
    half of the story
    short or long information
    black or white
  • Q2
    a set of letters placed only after a root word
    a set of letters placed before or after a root word
    a set of letters placed only before a root word
    to fix something that was broken
  • Q3
    a careful examination and evaluation of details in the text
    to state the main idea
    to share ideas
    detective work
  • Q4
    a word similar in meaning to another word
    a word opposite in meaning to another word.
    having similarities
    to read the end first
  • Q5
    appropriate information
    Information that argues against an idea, generalization, or a conclusion
    using correct grammar
    Information that supports an idea, generalization, or a conclusion
    information in a text
  • Q6
    a quarrel between you and your sibling
    a statement put forth and supported by evidence
    a statement put forth and supported by opinion
    to change topics of conversation
  • Q7
    argumentative article/text/essay
    an essay about your life
    an essay that tries to prove a point by supporting it with opinion
    an essay that tries to prove a point by supporting it with evidence
    an essay that your friend asked you to write
  • Q8
    audience (of an author)
    to listen
    people standing at a concert
    those to whom a speech or piece of writing is addressed.
    people sitting in the soccer stands
  • Q9
    author's intent
    reason why the author wrote the text
    to show ones true self
    to put up a tent
    the picture that goes with the authors writing
  • Q10
    author's message
    the author's slogan
    to share words in meaning one with another
    the authors final words
    the main idea or theme of a particular writing
  • Q11
    author's point of view
    to share an opinion
    how the author feels about the subject he or she is writing about
    jogging ones memory
    where the author looks out at the scenery
  • Q12
    a short story
    a summary of an artist work
    a journal that is updated frequently and published online.
    a video
  • Q13
    to get as much money as possible
    the action of writing or printing in capital letters
    the capital of a state
    the way to look at a nation
  • Q14
    Central Idea
    the center of downtown
    ideas that are in the center of the text
    a one-sentence statement that sums up the major ideas of a text
    a paragraph showing you know what the story is about
  • Q15
    character's action
    what the character needs to do to eat his dinner
    to grow through actions
    what the character does that shows what type of person they are
    to become a better person

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