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Grade 7: Citing General Statement and Supporting Evidences

Quiz by carolyn lauron

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    General Statement: Being a celebrity is difficult. Which of the following support the general statement?

    Question Image

    Celebrities are in constant danger of the wrong kind of attention.

    Their personal struggles, and family issues, all end up as front-page news.

    Sweet letters and even love gifts from fans are things a celebrity must contend with.

    They don't sacrifice their private lives.

  • Q2

    General  Statement: There are several positive ways to encourage your family to exercise more. Which of the following support the general statement?

    Question Image

    If they see you sleeping rather than walking or biking, they might be encouraged to do likewise. 

    Suggest that the whole family go eating or party together.

    Don't take up early morning jogging.

    Get them to exercise more often by emphasizing how good they’ll feel and how much better they’ll look if they work out on a regular basis.

  • Q3

    General Statement: Several factors can interfere with having a good memory. Which of the following does NOT support the general statement?

    Question Image

    Lack of motivation doesn't produce good memory.

    A quiet environment helps in dealing with something to memory.

    Distraction can interfere with memory.

    To stay sharp, memory skills, like any other skill,  it must not be used regularly.

  • Q4

    Choose the general statement based on the supporting pieces of evidence provided.  

    Gorilla Moms nurse their babies. They protect them from danger. And they teach the tiny gorillas how to get along with other gorillas.

    Question Image

    Mother gorillas don't depend on their Father gorillas.

    Mother gorillas do a lot for their babies.

    Mother gorillas are the best mammal animal in the world.

    Mother gorillas are good at hunting their prey.

  • Q5

    Choose the general statement based on the supporting pieces of evidence provided.

    Since 1920, women have been allowed to vote. In fact, many women weren’t given higher posts in the government.

    Question Image

    Women were already valued in society.

    Women then had the right to education.

    Women then had the voice to rule the world.

    Women didn't have political freedom.


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