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Grade 7 Math Large Numbers Around Us

Quiz by Andrew Watts

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12 questions
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  • Q1

    Write $ 783 000 344 in words.

    freetextm://Seven hundred eighty three million three hundred forty four: seven hundred eighty three million three hundred forty four: Seven hundred and eighty three million three hundred and forty four

  • Q2

    You made 12 000 sandwiches every day for 3 weeks.  If one person eats two sandwiches each how many people could you feed.

    freetextm://126 000:126,000:One hundred twenty six thousand: one hundred twenty six thousand

  • Q3

    You made 12 000 sandwiches every day for 3 weeks. A loaf of bread has 14 slices. If each sandwich use two pieces of bread how many loaves of bread would you use?

    freetextm://9000: 9,000: nine thousand

  • Q4

    The Monarch butterfly migrates immense distances in a year. If it flies 3500 km at a speed of 10km/h how many hours would it take to travel the whole distance?




    35 000

  • Q5

    You have 6.5 million rulers that are exactly 10 cm long. How many meters would they reach end to end?

    65 000 000m

    6 500 000m

    65 000m

    650 000m

  • Q6

    In a rain storm 12mm of rain fell every hour for 14hours.  In centimeters, how much total rain fell?





  • Q7

    Which number is closest to 1 billion?

    1  128 065 234

    884 934 213

    1.3 Billion

    99 999 999

  • Q8

    Saujas works 4hrs per week day and 8 hrs per day on the weekend. If he is paid $8 per hour how much will he earn in a year? Enter a number only(no symbols)

    freetextm://14,976:14976:14 976

  • Q9

    The population of Canada in 2000 was 30 750 000. If there were 7420 cell phones per 10 000 people that year, how many cell phones were there in Canada?

    freetextm://22 816 500:22816500:22,816,500

  • Q10

    What is two billion subtract twenty million?

    freetextm://1980000000:1,980,000,000:1 980 000 000

  • Q11

    Campbell has two hundred million eight hundred thirty thousand four hundred sixty three followers on Instagram. Eeva has three times as many. In standard form, how many followers does Eeva have?

    freetextm://602491389:602 491 389:602,491,389

  • Q12

    A swimming pool holds about 75 000 liters of water. If a garden hose sends about 56 litres a minute to the pool. About many hours will it take to fill the pool.






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