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Grade 8 ELA / Reading - NC EOG Released Form

Quiz by NCDPI

Grade 8
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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Grade 8
North Carolina Standard Course of Study


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  • Q1
    Which detail from the selection supports the development of the central idea?
    "He understood that he could not bring back to the old valley what he had taken from it."
    "He remembered that when a boy, he had thought there was nothing more beautiful than the evening sunshine falling athwart the dark green fir boughs on the hills."
    "Yonder below him was home-the old house that had sheltered him, the graves of his kin, the wide fields where his boyhood dreams had been dreamed."
    "It had been by these firs he had halted twenty years ago, turning for one last glance at the valley below, the home valley which he had never seen since."
  • Q2
    Which statement summarizes the selection?
    The trees that were once only saplings are now full-grown and withered.
    The thrill of the marketplace no longer satisfies the speaker.
    The speaker remembers more of his previous home than he has forgotten.
    The speaker misses his previous home, but realizes it would not be the same if he returned there after many years.
  • Q3
    According to the selection, what did the man seek from the valley?
    the desire to borrow money
    the ability to observe nature
    the chance to see his family and friends
    the feeling of hope and purpose
  • Q4
    Based on the sentences below, what does "saffron" mean? "But high up, their tops were green and caught the saffron light of the west. He remembered that when a boy, he had thought there was nothing more beautiful than the evening sunshine falling athwart the dark green fir boughs on the hills."
  • Q5
    In the sentence below, what is conveyed by comparing the sound of the wind to a murmur? "As he listened to the swish and murmur of the wind, the earth-old tune with the power to carry the soul back to the dawn of time, the years fell away from him, and he forgot much, remembering more."
    The wind is frightening.
    The wind is rolling.
    The wind is gentle.
    The wind is powerful.
  • Q6
    In the sentence below, why did the man feel foolish? "It had been a foolish whim to come at all-foolish, because the object of his quest was not to be found there or elsewhere."
    He realizes that he cannot solve his problems by coming home.
    He discovers that his home is not as wonderful as he had thought.
    He finally understands that coming home was a mistake.
    He believes that his life is better now than when he was young.
  • Q7
    What do the sentences below reveal about the character? "He had lost that intangible, all-real wealth of faith and idealism and zest; he had bartered it away for the hard, yellow gold of the marketplace, and he realized at last how much poorer he was than when he had left that home valley. His was a name that stood for millions, but he was beggared of hope and purpose."
    He did not miss his home greatly.
    He wanted to be a boy again.
    He would trade his fortune for happiness
    He was very poor.
  • Q8
    Based on the sentence below, how does the personification of nature emphasize the author's point? "But on Padre Island, it is not the work of man but the handiwork of nature that is most evident."
    It shows the importance of lighthouses on rocky beaches.
    It shows the response of wildlife to the island.
    It shows that man has built many structures along the island.
    It shows that nature is the main force of change on the island.
  • Q9
    Which event creates dramatic changes on Padre Island?
    "the rhythmic coming and going of tides"
    "the violent battering of tropical storms and hurricanes"
    "the gentle touch of breezes"
    "the relentless crashing of waves"
  • Q10
    Which statement explains the sentence below? "The many environments of Padre Island-beach, dunes, grasslands, and tidal flats-are shaped and reshaped daily in response to these natural sculptors."
    Padre Island is expanding toward the Texas mainland.
    Natural elements constantly change the surface of Padre Island.
    The plants and animals of Padre Island have adapted to the natural changes to its environment.
    A large storm changed the environments of Padre Island.
  • Q11
    Which phrase from the sentence below, helps the reader determine the meaning of the word 'subtle'? "Another more subtle change that is occurring, according to scientists, is the slow expansion of the entire island toward the mainland as winds and storms deposit sand on the island's west side."
    "entire island"
    "winds and storms"
    "deposit sand"
    "slow expansion"
  • Q12
    Why are sea oats considered to be a pioneer species?
    They can grow to heights of 30 or 40 feet.
    They adapt well and take root in sand.
    They are native to the area.
    They are difficult to destroy.
  • Q13
    Why does the author compare the natural beauty of Padre Island to the island's legendary hidden treasures?
    The author believes that hidden treasures are difficult to find because of the many huge sand dunes.
    The author believes future generations will continue to find treasures at Padre Island.
    The author believes the relaxation and recreation available at Padre Island are as valuable as treasures.
    The author believes the legends of hidden treasures are unrealistic.
  • Q14
    How are the bullet points used to further the author's purpose?
    The bullet points place emphasis on important facts.
    The bullet points interrupt the flow of the information.
    The bullet points break up the pattern of the selection.
    The bullet points highlight old legends.
  • Q15
    What was the author's purpose in writing this selection?
    to explain why sand dunes are important and must be preserved
    to educate people and encourage tourism on Padre Island
    to show that the hidden treasure of Padre Island is more valuable than its natural beauty
    to demonstrate a need for national protection of all barrier islands

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