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Grade 9 Q4M3

Quiz by Hannah Jean Rico

Grade 9
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the angle of elevation measured from a point on the ground to a 50ft tree that is 20 ft away from the tree?





  • Q2

    The angle of elevation from a car to a tower is 42o. If the tower is 120 ft tall, how far is the car from the tower?

    143.3 ft

    133.3 ft

    123.3 ft

    113.3 ft

  • Q3

    From the top of the wall, a point located on the level ground is 62 ft from its base, and the angle of depression is 42o. How high is the wall?

    68.9 ft

    88.8 ft

    78.9 ft

    55.8 ft

  • Q4

    Jonas flies a kite and lets out 150ft of string. The angle of elevation of the string is 72o. How high off the ground is the kite?

    142.7 ft

    147.4 ft

    122.65 ft

    152.13 ft

  • Q5

    From the top of a vertical cliff, 30-meter high, the angle of depression of an object that is level with the base of the cliff is 44o, how far is the object from the base of the cliff?

    31.07 m

    44.78 m

    41.87 m

    34.78 m


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