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Grand test (CS case+ Geriatrics +Nutrition)

Quiz by suraj kapoor

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75 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following is false regarding Anaemia mukt Bharat

    Adolescent girls are given weekly blue colour tablets

    6-59 months children are given 45 mg Elemental iron and 400 microgram Folic acid

    It was launched in the year 2018

    Lactating mothers are given 60 mg elemental iron and 500 microgram folic acid for 180 days

  • Q2

    Which of the following is incorrect regarding food fortification 

    There should be no noticeable change in taste, smell, appearance

    means nutrients which were lost during processing have been added back

    The amount of nutrient added must provide an effective supplement for low consumers of the vehicle , without contributing a hazardous excess to high consumers

    the vehicle added must be consumed consistently as a regular diet

  • Q3

    All are the staple food in India being Fortified except


    Wheat Flour



  • Q4

    Mark the incorrect statement

    Net protein utilization is the product of biological value and Digestibility coefficient

    F+ Logo recently introduced for food adulteration

    Cereals lack Threonine and Lysine

    India aim to become Saturated fat free by 2022

  • Q5

    which of the following statement is incorrect?

    All are correct

    Food enrichment is any substance added to a food product that increases the nutritive value and was present in the food in lower quantities initially

    Food fortification is any substance added to a food product that increases the nutritive value and does not belong to that food product initially

    Food additive is any substance added to food product which does not alter the nutritive value but increases the shelf life or consumability

  • Q6

    Mark the incorrect statement

    Avoid using fluoride containing toothpaste in endemic area

    In Endemic fluorosis genu valgum may occur due to excess of sorghum

    At level more than 10 mg/ dl crippling fluorosis may occur

    Nalgonda technique is useful in Arsenic contamination

  • Q7

    Mark the incorrect match in respect of adverse effect of Antitubercular treatment

    Rifampicin-Hepatotoxicity, Flu like syndrome, Yellow discoloration of urine and secretions

    Streptomycin -Ototoxicity, Nephrotoxicity

    Pyrazinamide- Optic neuritis

    Isoniazid- Peripheral neuritis , hepatitis , seizure, psychosis

  • Q8

    Mark the incorrect statement regarding significant weight loss

    Can be seen in malabsorption  or Peptic ulcer

    Can happen in psychiatric conditions like Depression , anxiety

    Antidiabetic drugs like glimepiride and pioglitazone may be the cause

    Loss of 4.5 Kg or greater than 5% body weight over a period of 6-12 months

  • Q9

    Which of the following is wrong in respect of dietary fibres?

    it causes blood cholesterol and blood glucose attenuation

    Daily intake should be 60 gm / 2000kcal

    It acts as laxative 

    Excess of dietary fibre can cause reduced nutrient absorption and can cause bowel irritation

  • Q10

    Which of the following is incorrect in respect of fatty acids

    Refsum disease is caused due to alpha oxidation of branch chain fatty acid causing  phytanic acid

    Safflower oil has predominantly PUFA in its composition

    Butter contain more of saturated fatty acid

    Richest source of Essential fatty acid is coconut oil

  • Q11

    A food toxicants causing such presentation . Mark the incorrect statement

    Question Image

    Occurs due to toxin named Sanguinarine contained in argemone oil

    Paper chromatography test is the most sensitive test to detect the contamination

    Edema occurs due to proteinuria

    Most likely a case of Endemic ascites

  • Q12

    Identify WHO stage for Xerophthalmia

    Question Image





  • Q13

    What is the total amount of Vit A supplementation will be given till 5 years

    15 ml

    17 ml

    18 ml

    16 ml

  • Q14

    Wrong about food safety

    There can be imprisonment of 6 months with fine of Rs 1000 as per the PFA act

    Codex Alimentarius governs procedure and guidelines for accreditation of food business in India 

    Objective of Prevention of food adulteration act is to have pure and wholesome food

    In life threatening situation there can be life long imprisonment

  • Q15

    Wrong about Xerophthalmia

    Immunization by Vit A supplements is a preventive strategy

    Most common age group is 6-12 years

    Measles can cause Xerophthalmia , hence measles vaccination may provides protection

    Ocular manifestation of Vitamin A deficiency


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