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Grand test-3 (Test9)

Quiz by suraj kapoor

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75 questions
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  • Q1

    Wrong about Reference male/ female

    BMI= 20.75 kg /m2 for male

    Age 19-39 years

    Weight 50 kg for female

    8 hrs of occupational activity

  • Q2

    What is the protein requirement of pregnant lady(reference weight)  in third trimester

    None of the above

    68 gm /day

    46 gm/day

    54 gm/day

  • Q3

    How much fruits and vegetables one should consume daily?

    60 gm/2000kcal

    40 gm/2000kcal

    1000 gm/day

    400-500 gm /day

  • Q4

    What is the floor space required for 1 person 

    None of the above

    100-110 sq ft

    50-70 sq ft

    70-90 sq ft

  • Q5

    Incorrect about the ventilation

    All the statements are correct

    Windows should be 1/5 th of floor areas

    Living room should have 2-3 air changes per hour

    Working place should have 4-6 changes per hour

  • Q6

    Mark the incorrect statement

    Day light factor for living room should be 10%

    Unit of Luminous intensity is Candela

    Recommended illumination for Casual reading is 100 Lux

    New family cut off is 10 years

  • Q7

    Actual weight /Desirable weight

    Quetlet index

    Corpulence index

    Ponderal index

    Brocca index

  • Q8

    Mark the incorrect statement

    Literate is a person above 7 years of age who can read or write in a language he/she understands

    Ketosis prone diabetes is Type 1 diabetic behaving as Type1

    Risk of hypertension is about 30-40% if both the parent are hypertensives

    All the statements are correct

  • Q9

    New modifications in the definition of PUO are all except

    All the statements are correct

    Nosocomial fever is excluded

    Temperature is allowed to be lower than 38.3 deg c if laboratory signs of inflammation are present

    Fever in immunocompromised is excluded

  • Q10

    Parrot beak appearance is seen in which grade of clubbing?





  • Q11

    All are causes of pitting edema except

    Nephrotic syndrome


    Epidemic dropsy


  • Q12

    What is the normal blood pressure (mm hg)as per ESC guidelines





  • Q13

    Mark the incorrect statement

    Chest circumference is 31 cm at birth

    Normal length of new born is 60 cm 

    Normal weight of new born is 2.5-4 kg

    Chest circumference equals head circumference at age 1

  • Q14

    Mark the incorrect statement

    MMR in india is 113/ lakh live birth

    For less than 2 years length should be calculated using infantometer

    As per latest SRS infant mortality rate in india is 30 per 1000 live births

    Term baby gains 10%  of body weight during first week of life

  • Q15

    All are signs of good latching except

    Chin touches the breast

    Lower areola visible

    Mouth wide open

    Lower lip everted out


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