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Gravitational Potential Energy

Quiz by Debra Northcutt

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    A 10 kg toddler climbs on top of a 1.2 meter table. How much Gravitational Energy does this toddler have?
    118 Joules
    8.3 Joules
    98 Joules
    12 Joules
  • Q2
    A sedan (car) has a mass of 1520 kg and is parked in a parking tower on the 5th floor, 15 meters from the ground. What is the sedan's Gravitational Potential Energy?
    22,800 Joules
    101.33 Joules
    223,440 Joules
    14,896 Joules
  • Q3
    A roofer with a weight of 1,617 Newtons is on a roof that is 4.27 meters from the ground. What is the Gravitational Potential Energy of the roofer? (Hint: Newtons or weight instead of mass is given here. Weight is a Force. W = mg)
    67,665 Joules
    379 Joules
    6,905 Joules
    612,339 Joules
  • Q4
    A box has a mass of 6.5 kg. The box is lifted from the garage floor and put on a shelf. If the box gains 577 Joules of Gravitational Potential Energy, how high is the shelf?
    0.11 meters
    88.8 meters
    9.06 meters
    36,755 meters
  • Q5
    A gorilla climbs up a wall that is 5.6 meters high. If he gains 6037 Joules of Gravitational Potential Energy, what is the mass of the gorilla?
    110 kg
    33,807 kg
    616 Joules
    3,450 Joules
  • Q6
    One of the tallest radio towers is in Fargo, North Dakota, with a height of 629 meters. If a bird lands on the tower and then possesses a Gravitational Potential Energy of 2,466 Joules, what is the mass of the bird?
    0.40 kg
    38 kg
    3.9 kg
    0.33 kg
  • Q7
    A roller coaster and two riders have a combined weight of 7,203 Newtons. If the roller coaster is sitting 135 meters off the ground, what is it's Gravitational Potential Energy? (Weight or mg is given, NOT mass)
    99,225 Joules
    972,405 Joules
    9,529,569 Joules
    523 Joules
  • Q8
    A 32 kg girl walks to to the top of the stairs that are 5.4 meters high. What is her Gravitational Potential Energy?
    17.6 Joules
    1,693 Joules
    58.1 Joules
    172.8 Joules
  • Q9
    With all his batgear on, Batman has a mass of 90.7 kg. If Batman is perched at the top of a tall building in Gotham, with a Gravitational Potential Energy of 392,876 Joules, what is the height of the building?
    42,449 meters
    3,636,107 meters
    4,332 meters
    442 meters
  • Q10
    A 0.18 kg baseball reaches a height of 22 m when thrown. What is the Gravitational Potential Energy of the baseball at this height?
    38.8 Joules
    3.96 Joules
    406 Joules
    1.76 Joules

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