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Great Depression 6.2/6.3 Reading Quiz

Quiz by Bryant Miller

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    How did the Great Depression affect employment in the United States?
    Many workers fled the country in search of foreign employment.
    Most businesses could not fill the growing demand for more workers.
    About half of all laborers were forced to work longer hours.
    Almost one fourth of all workers lost their jobs.
  • Q2
    How did new farming methods in the 1920s impact the Great Plains?
    They altered landscapes and made the land more vulnerable to drought.
    They allowed farmers to grow crops even in severe droughts.
    They introduced irrigation systems that improved the quality of crops.
    They led to increased deforestation that destroyed plains ecosystems.
  • Q3
    Why was President Roosevelt's reform policy more successful than Hoover's approach?
    It advocated strong leadership by the federal government.
    It depended on a policy of localism.
    It relied on volunteerism.
    It recognized the benefits of trickle-down economics.
  • Q4
    What were Roosevelt's fireside chats?
    radio speeches in which Roosevelt explained his policies and tried restore the confidence of Americans
    informal White House meetings where Roosevelt talked to Americans to understand their concerns
    town hall meetings organized by Eleanor Roosevelt to gather together supporters of the New Deal
    a series of tariff negotiations that took place at Roosevelt's cabin in Maine
  • Q5
    How does the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation continue to affect the American public today?
    It strengthens confidence in the financial system by insuring bank deposits.
    It guarantees the safety of investments by regulating stock market speculation.
    It redistributes wealth by providing housing loans to people in poor communities.
    It allocates a portion of all bank deposits to federal reform initiatives.

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