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Greece Geography and Religion

Quiz by Celia deMonte

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Why were the seas important to early Greeks?
    They provided water for crops.
    They provided great places to swim.
    They provided drinking water.
    They provided trade routes
  • Q2
    Because traveling by land in Greece was difficult, what happened as a result?
    The Greeks learned how to climb mountains
    Greece was open for invasion.
    The Greeks took up farming
    Greece became a collection of independent city-states
  • Q3
    Greek writing often fell within which genres?
    Tragedy and Action
    Tragedy and Comedy
    Action and Thriller
    Romance and Comedy
  • Q4
    Which of the following are characteristics of the gods and goddesses of Greece?
    human mortality
    human immortality
    human needs
    Human emotions
  • Q5
    Which of the following is a description of the religion in Greece?
    They believed in only the gods of natural disasters.
    They believed in only one god that ruled the heavens, earth and underworld.
    They believed in no god, but built temples to worship nature.
    They believed in gods and goddesses that ruled the heavens, earth and underworld
  • Q6
    What did the Greeks do to appease their gods?
    They built statues of gods and hung them in the center of the agora.
    The built temples and offered sacrifice.
    They tore down all of the statues of humans.
    They refused to worship the gods and goddesses
  • Q7
    The Greeks and Hindus had similar religious beliefs and practice in that both were __________
  • Q8
    What civilization adopted the Greek religion after conquering the Greeks?
  • Q9
    What emphasis did the Greeks put on an afterlife?
    The Greeks believed that there was nothing waiting fr them in the afterlife.
    The Greeks believed mummification was an important part of preparing for the afterlife.
    The Greeks believed that Dharma was important to their reincarnation process.
    The Greeks believed in an afterlife, more attention was given to living in this world than preparing for the afterlife.

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