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Greek Geography

Quiz by Candace Kennington

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    Which best describes the landforms and features of Greece?
    Question Image
    mountains, islands, and peninsulas
    large river valleys
    desert areas
    flat open grasslands
  • Q2
    People and groups in Greece were separated from each other by...
    Question Image
    large walls
    different languages and religions
    mountains and water
  • Q3
    The Greeks needed to trade with other areas or create colonies because
    they were greedy and wanted to be wealthy
    their land was too dangerous to travel in
    the emperor wanted to expand his empire
    they had few natural resources and little farmland to grow crops
  • Q4
    Since Greece was surrounded by the ocean and many of its people lived on islands, they became...
    excellent breeders of horses
    expert sailors
    road builders
    talented writers
  • Q5
    Greece was different from other ancient civilizations that we have studied in that...
    it did not have large flat areas of grasslands
    it did not have large river systems
    it had no deserts
    all of these
  • Q6
    The Greeks needed materials from other areas, in return they traded ...
    Question Image
    metal and timber
    grapes, olives, and pottery
    fruit and horses
    rocks and sand
  • Q7
    A good location for a Greek colony would need to have...
    strong local tribes
    a good harbor
    high city walls
    tall mountains
  • Q8
    How did the mountains and islands of Ancient Greece affect communication?
    they made farmers stop working
    they encouraged people to write letters
    each city state and area felt isolated and independent
    they improved road building
  • Q9
    The ancient Greeks raised animals like goats and sheep instead of cattle and horses. This was because these animals...
    Greeks had a religion forbidding cattle and horses
    did not need a lot of flat ground and were tough
    Goats smelled better than cattle
    Greeks believed they were descended from goats
  • Q10
    What makes Greece a peninsula?
    areas surrounded by water on three sides
  • Q11
    Why was the sea so important to the Greeks?
    they used the water for their farms
    it kept them from traveling
    they relied on it for trade, travel, and food sources
    it changed their religion

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