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Greek Geography

Quiz by Brad Hay

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    What makes much of Greece a peninsula?
    the steep mountain slopes
    the large number of islands
    the water on three sides
    the lack of large rivers
  • Q2
    Why were the Minoans not Greek?
    They did not live on the Greek mainland.
    They did not speak Greek.
    Their history was lost.
    They were not originally from Greece.
  • Q3
    How did the Greek mountains affect communication?
    They made farmers stop speaking.
    They isolated communities.
    They led people to write letters.
    They promoted road building.
  • Q4
    The ancient Greeks did not like to travel on land because they
    used the land for farming instead of roads.
    did not want to offend the earth god.
    found traveling through the mountains difficult.
    were afraid of people from other villages.
  • Q5
    How did farmers in ancient Greece adjust to the area's difficult terrain?
    They only raised livestock.
    They built flat steps into the hills.
    They limited how many olive trees each farmer could grow.
    They invented a new design for the wheelbarrow.
  • Q6
    Why was the sea so important to the ancient Greeks?
    It restricted cultural diffusion.
    It provided water for their farms.
    They stayed away from the sea as much as they could.
    They relied on the sea for travel and trade.
  • Q7
    The ancient Greeks raised these animals on their farms because these animals
    Question Image
    supplied oil for lamps.
    could drink sea water.
    did not eat much food.
    did not need flat land.
  • Q8
    Why did Greek communities sometimes fight each other?
    They were crowded together.
    They had too many soldiers.
    They could not start colonies.
    They each wanted more land.
  • Q9
    What problem did ancient Greek communities try to solve by starting colonies?
    shortage of people
    shortage of farmland
    too much timber
    too many ships
  • Q10
    A good location to start an ancient Greek colony would have had
    a high city wall.
    tall mountains.
    a natural harbor.
    strong local tribes.
  • Q11
    Why did ancient Greek communities trade?
    to give families work to do
    to get goods they needed
    to enjoy adventures at sea
    to stop having to farm
  • Q12
    If you were to label the Aegean Sea on the map, where would it be in relation to mainland Greece?
    Question Image

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