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GRN (P1)

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  • Q1
    What demonstrates the genetic identity among different cells in an organism?
    Cells express all their genes simultaneously
    Each cell contains a unique set of genes
    Different cells contain different numbers of chromosomes
    All cells are genetically identical
  • Q2
    What influences cellular specialization?
    Genetic makeup only
    Microenvironment only
    Both genetic makeup and microenvironment
    Neither genetic makeup nor microenvironment
  • Q3
    How many genes do humans have?
    Between 2,000 and 2,500
    Between 20,000 and 25,000
    Over 100,000
    Less than 1,000
  • Q4
    What results from differential gene expression in cells?
    Identical functions in all cells
    The same number of chromosomes in all cells
    Uniform cell shapes across the body
    Different functions and phenotypes in cells
  • Q5
    What is the Central Dogma of molecular biology?
    Protein to DNA
    DNA to RNA to Protein
    Protein to RNA
    RNA to DNA
  • Q6
    Which groups are involved in epigenetic modification?
    Acetyl group
    All of the above
    Methyl group
    Phosphate group
  • Q7
    What is necessary for transcriptional regulation?
    mRNA cap modification
    Transcription factors
    Protein translation
    DNA replication
  • Q8
    What occurs in post-transcriptional modification?
    All of the above
    Addition of poly(A) tail
    Alternative splicing
    5’ capping
  • Q9
    Translational control of gene expression depends on:
    The number of ribosomes
    The number of chromosomes
    The stability of processed mRNA
    The length of the DNA
  • Q10
    Post-translational control can involve:
    DNA replication
    Protein folding and modification
    RNA interference
    Gene duplication
  • Q11
    The movement of histone proteins affects DNA by:
    Altering the nucleotide sequence
    Changing the charge of DNA
    Coiling or uncoiling DNA
    Increasing the number of genes
  • Q12

    Gene expression is regulated at which of the following stages?

    I. Epigenetic modification

    II. Transcriptional control

    III. Post-transcriptional modification

    IV. Post-translational control

    III & IV

    I & II

    All ofthe above

    II & III

  • Q13

    Which of the following are stages of gene regulation? (Choose all that apply)

    I. Epigenetic modification

    II. Transcriptional control

    III. Post-translational control

    IV. Mitosis

    I & II

    II, III, & IV

    I, II & III

    All of the above

  • Q14

    Which modifications occur after mRNA is transcribed but before translation begins?

    I. mRNA cap modification

    II. Alternative polyadenylation

    III. Alternative splicing

    IV. DNA methylation

    II & III

    I, II & III

    I & IV

    All of the above

  • Q15

    Based on today’s lecture, at how manystages can genes expression be regulated?






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