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Group 5 - Quiz

Quiz by Rhedz Jay Moreno

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  • Q1
    Why is gold so important to the Spanish?
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    Because Spanish's wealth is based on their gold and silver and can help them buy other resources for their economies
    Spanish wanted to have golden weapon to conquer other nations
    So Spanish people can have golden castles and homes.
  • Q2
    Gold was essential during the renaissance meaning queens and kings sent out their people to find gold, what was the name of the King and Queen that sent out Columbus.
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    Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand
    Queen Isla and King Philip
    Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand
    Queen Maria and King Charles
  • Q3
    A big factor for the nobles being hit economically was the Reconquista. What was the Reconquista?
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    The Reconquista was a period of great debt.
    What the heck is a “Reconquista?”
    The Reconquista was a time of revolution.
    The Reconquista was a war waged inside Spain.
  • Q4
    What was the name of Des Las Casas Book?
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    Destruction of the French
    Destruction of the Indies
    War between Spain
    English and Spain wealth
  • Q5
    What inspired the next generation of kids
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    The Renaissance
    The brave heroes during the Spain vs muslims war.
    The sun
    The medieval knights (the code of chivalry)

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