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Growing Tensions Between the Colonies and Britain

Quiz by Michael Joyce

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  • Q1
    What does debts mean?
    Carving tools
    Not believing someone
    Having a lot of money
    Having unpaid bills
  • Q2
    What does the word acts mean as discussed in chapter 10.1?
    Laws made by Grreat Britain tha sffected the American colonies
    An accumulation of money
    Chapters in a book
    Trails in the woods
  • Q3
    What does protest mean?
    To have a party
    To climb a mountain
    To explain publicly about something people belive is wrong or unfair
    To celebrate a beneficial occurance
  • Q4
    What is "taxation without representation"?
    Winning a large amount of money
    Prohibiting people from owning horses
    Prohibiting people from working
    Forcing people to pay taxes when they have no say in making the laws that created the tax

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