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GSE Grade 7 Math - MGSE7.NS.2 Real-world Operations

Quiz by GADOE

Grade 7
Georgia Standards of Excellence

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  • Q1
    The 17 students on the math team want to raise $483.62 to buy practice books. They have already raised $218.25. If each student raises the same amount, how much more money must each student raise?
  • Q2
    Ms. Blankenship had $80 to purchase school supplies for her class. She bought 32 glue sticks and 32 boxes of crayons. Each glue stick cost $1.40, and each box of crayons cost $0.59. How much money did Ms. Blankenship have left after these purchases?
  • Q3
    A music club has 15 members. Each member pays monthly dues of $14.60. On the first day of the month, 8 members paid their dues. The remaining members paid their dues on the second day of the month. How much money was collected in dues on the second day of the month?
  • Q4
    There are 40 houses in a neighborhood. • Company X provides electricity to 1/8 of the houses. • Company Y provides electricity to 2/5 of the houses. • Company Z provides electricity to the remaining houses. In this neighborhood, Company Z provides electricity to —
    16 houses
    24 houses
    19 houses
    21 houses
  • Q5
    The table shows the prices of some breakfast items at a restaurant. Sara ordered 2 eggs, a slice of bacon, and a glass of orange juice for breakfast. The sales tax for the order was $0.48. She paid for her breakfast with a $10 bill. How much change should Sara receive from the $10 bill?
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  • Q6
    Rebecca needs $10\tfrac{1}{2}$ yards of fabric to make a quilt. She has one piece of fabric that is $2\tfrac{1}{2}$ yards and another piece of fabric that is $4\tfrac{1}{4}$ yards. How many more yards of fabric does Rebecca need to make the quilt?

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